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Originally Posted by AmieN1 View Post
Here's the recipe- I used cubed up half frozen chicken & an entire box of rotini pasta and it still worked perfectly!

I'm in an instapot group on fb where there are a lot of recipes posted! I've done a REALLY good pork tenderloin as well as a requested again by my family pulled pork roast! I am loving this little machine!

For rice- I use jasmine rice, 1 cup with 1 cup of chicken broth. Pressure cook on high for 4 mins & natural release for 1 min, then quick release. Stir in a tablespoon of butter & put lid back on for keep warm function. Turns out great... maybe it's elevation related Wendy?
I'm back down at sea level. I have a Rice function on my IP and it's 10 minutes, that's after it comes to pressure. Now the only thing I can think of is because mine is old (going on 2.5 years), the newer ones are more advanced with their cooking/timing?
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