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If you have a day at home, do you ever wear jammies all day? yes, sometimes shorts and tshirt, anything comfy.

Is there a chore you have been meaning to get to at home but haven't found time for? to bring the donation bag out. I don't know if it's the lack of time of if we just keep on forgetting to bring the bags to the car so we can drop it off, but I really need to drop them off now. I know it's not a chore-chore but so far this is something that I really need to do but kept on getting posponed.

Do you have a schedule for household duties? a flexible one and a daily one.

What movie/TV show is on your "to-watch" list when you have time? I love to watch NCIS (New Orleans, LA), Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Supergirl, The Flash, FBI, FBI Most Wanted, McGyver.

Where is your "comfy spot" at home? in the living room it is the corner couch and when I'm upstairs it's my computer chair and/or the bed.
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