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Originally Posted by Sherri Tierney View Post
Any rest of the year closings in your area?
When I went to pick up my daughter's assignments, they were making all the students clean out their lockers (gym and everyday) as well as pick up all medicine and anything personal at the school. At the time I didn't think anything of it. Then I headed over to my son's school, where I received four weeks of assignments to work with my son. The teacher was really upset and said she probably won't get to see her students for the rest of the year, which must be terrible seeing as she just came to the school in January! I came home, sat down and said to my mom (on the phone), I don't think these kids are going back for the rest of the year.

I feel really torn about this because we just discussed the possibility of my son having a learning disability like his sister. He was supposed to start being tested in April. That's not happening. He had 5 teachers last year for Kindergarten and two teachers for First grade. He's almost a year behind school and now if they don't go back to school, he's really going to be behind in Second grade. Not a good way to start off a student in their schooling career.

Meanwhile, my middle has a lot of learning disabilities and a lot of her education is visual. Right now, they are moving to virtual. We checked out a loaner laptop that she has to be on reading text chat from 7:25 - 2:30. She has a processing disorder and I don't think she's doing to do well and her A grades are going to drop. She's scared she's going to require Summer School to make up this last quarter of schooling because she can't process reading.

But I'm glad they are trying to stop the spread. That in while doing so is keeping the kids safe from this virus. In the midst of all of this chaos, that's something as a parent I'm thankful for at this very moment.

Back to your daughter...I'm SO sorry she doesn't get a graduation, prom and all those Senior Year moments. Maybe your school district will do something in the summer for those children's senior year? But first we have to ride this virus out before planning that far ahead. Hugs to your child and you as a teacher. Will you do the online/virtual training with your class? Although I think you are preschool if I remember correctly?
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