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I pretty much use Erica's templates every week. I have my favorites saved with my particular shadows, sizes, etc, and I use them over and over again.

For kits, I use whatever seems to work. I enjoy the challenge of making non-project life kits work for my weekly spreads, but there are plenty of kits that work perfectly without all the effort, lol!

I do not journal for every photo. I usually write up the "story" of the week and if my photos match it, that's great. Sometimes, they just act as background to fill in the gaps. I try to talk about how I was doing and feeling that week as well as what we did. Sometimes, when there isn't much to say, I'll add things about the weather, current events, or funny conversations we had.

When it gets overwhelming, I just start filling templates with photos and journaling. I use the same calendar cards for the whole year (Ru has a great set!) and I plug in what I do know I want. Sometimes the pages wait for weeks before the right kit comes along, or I figure out what I want to use.

I think the key to making it simple is to make it YOURS. Your PL doesn't have to be like anyone else's. Please your own sensibilities and tastes, and it will become clear what to do. It does get easier with practice--I've been doing this for 10 years now, about half of that digitally, and they are my easiest pages to make now.

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