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Originally Posted by tanyiadeskins View Post
I keep finding various inspiration so I wanna see if Im on the right page. Does this look like smaskbook inspo? I searched on pinterest

so like... lots of ephmera? Sorry, just having trouble with this one lol
My daughter had a smashbook years ago. She would put in dried flowers, ticket stubs to like the movies, concerts, etc. Imagine, if you will, walking down the aisle of Michaels and you see all those stickers, tabs, etc (think of the Easy Prints,) stuff like that-- you attach memorable stuff to a journal/notebook. You doodle on it. You color it, you paint it. You make that book yours with YOUR memories. That's what a smash book is, because at the end, you are smashing it all shut in one journal. Things are just thrown on/in there. It's reckless. It's the beginning of scrapping for a teenager. It's memories stuffed in there for a mom overwhelmed with her newborn and toddler....

If you want to get technical, basically if you shoved all the stuff of my siggy inside the journal, that would be my smashbook
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