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I've always had a fabulous memory. I've had my share of 'mommy brain' but I wouldn't call those episodes memory issues exactly. More like I get distracted easily.

I was having some huge issues with memory and was starting to worry about it. Like I would write something down to do later and forget where I put the sticky note. I seemed to forget everything. This summer I started chiropractic care. Some disc degeneration and a reverse c-curve in my neck were discovered. He told me after my first adjustment that the brain fog and memory issues would start to go away. I hadn't admitted either to anyone. Apparently what I was experiencing was related to compression of the spinal cord. He's right, it did start to go away and I feel like my memory is back again!

Now, the brain can only hold so many things and keep them easily accessible. Names, for instance. We have 200 kids at school every year. I know all of their names. Each year half of those kids move on to another school and a new group moves in. Since I'm learning 100 new kids every year and not seeing the 100 old kids on a day to day basis, their names start to be harder to access. I will run into one of these kids in public and I can remember which teacher they had the previous year, who their best friend was and things like that, but their name will be somewhere, floating around in my brain just out of grasp. Sometimes I'll remember it after a few seconds, other times it doesn't come to me for days. So there are a lot of kids out there called 'sweetie'. Often I can recall their name within 30 seconds or so, but sometimes the encounters with these kids are rather brief so lots of times their name comes to me as they walk off. I always remember some little detail about them though. I think that makes them feel better than me calling them by name.
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