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Originally Posted by StacyLynn View Post
Oh my! I went to my very first author meet n greet yesterday! It was for Kate DiCamillo! It was so much fun! I'm completely star stuck! Her books are wonderfully written! Even though they are children's lit, this grown up loves them!

Has anyone else gone to a Meet n Greet for an author???
omg!! We love Kate DiCamillo! I wish we would visit our place too!!

I have met Nicholas Sparks this year and I too, got star strucked, I giggled all the time and I feel like my photos looked like I was constipated or in pain or something because I don't want my whole teeth to cover my face if I smile with open lips, and when he finally stood up on the table, I squealed like a highschool girl seeing her crush close up. Embarrassing but worth the wait.
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