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I have an iPhone X. I upgraded last fall but it really hasn't been as amazing as I thought it would be photo-wise. Maybe it's just operator error. I don't own a camera anymore but I'm thinking about getting one again.

I actually don't use my phone for things unless I'm out and about. I don't text much (I prefer to use Facebook Messenger so I can access it via computer) as I'm such a slow texter and a much faster typist, and I don't enjoy watching or reading on such a small screen. I do browse the Web and use the GPS when I need to but I'm in front of a computer for 7 hours a day where I can access everything I need to on huge dual monitors & then have a laptop at home when I scrap in the evening.

I'm at that in-between age where I didn't have the Internet or a computer at home until high school and I didn't have my own cell phone until after I graduated from college so I'm not as steeped in technology as people younger than me. My sister is just 4 years younger but she had a cell phone at the end of high school, and she doesn't have a computer or any other screens at her house besides the TV and her phone. She does it ALL on her phone & if she can't access it on her phone, she's not interested in whatever it is.
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