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Originally Posted by LeeAndra View Post
This is a sore spot for me considering I've applied for hundreds of jobs over the last 10 years, had dozens of interviews, and only been hired for 2 (and then been let go from & moved away from).

I do a lot of the same things Jennifer does: researching the company prior to applying, reaching out to people within the organization if I know them or someone I know knows them, rewriting my resume & cover letter to highlight the experience they're looking for, following up via email on my application. If I'm able to get an interview, I do research on anyone who might be interviewing me, Google to see if there are some standard questions the company always asks, go on Glassdoor for anonymous reviews & salary ranges, and sometimes practice aloud.

It's incredibly demoralizing & frustrating overall.
That is super frustrating. Have the hiring managers or recruiters gave you any feedback on why you weren't hired? It's kind of awkward, but you can always ask what you could have done differently to be seen as a better candidate. Sometimes it comes down to core skills where other applicants just have more experience. Do you have a mentor or someone you can get guidance from?
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