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Default What projects are you working on now?

What long term or special projects is everyone working on now or hoping to get to soon?

My main project is my 2017 album. I'm on week 25 for my weekly pocket pages, but I haven't done too many of the non-pocket pages yet. I'm hoping to at least finish and print January to April by the end of December. I give myself a 50% chance of making that deadline!

I'm also about halfway through a 20-page photobook about a trip to Boston that Dan and Jason took in 2014. I just bought a Shutterfly Groupon that expires in January, so now I've got a deadline and will finish and print by then.

I'd like to make some progress on a book about our 2016 Disney trip. We'll see how I do--I get overwhelmed by this project. There are sooo many photos; even choosing the best ones for each page is a big job. So far I've decided what each of my pages will be and gotten the photos sorted, but I have a lot more in each folder than I can realistically include in the photobook. I'm going to try declaring Tuesdays "Disney Day" and only working on my Disney pages on Tuesday. At least that way I'd make some progress without falling too far behind on my other projects.
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