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Default How do you do for scrapping and keeping your privacy?

Hello sweet members,

I'm not really new here but I never came on the forum before and I stop doing scrap during about 4 years (I can't really explain it) but I always follow what was new and read the threads.

Actually I would love post more layout in my gallery but I feel really annoying by the problem of privacy pictures especially for my children.

I'm not a social media user and I always told that I would never post a pic of one of my baby on internet.

But a layout is a little bit different from a photo alone...

I try to find some ideas : add blur to the face? But it's less powerful for the page I find. Add kind of a mask? Same answer!
Add a kind of copyright text on the picture? Look strange...

The only thing I find is not add journaling text with names and specific details but I feel frustrated because it something I do for me.

So what to do?

I have some layouts I keep for me and family. I don't know if some "bad" people can stole your layout or picture and re-use it with bad intentions?

I'm curious how do you do? How do you feel on this point?

Please help me to find what solution fit me better and share your opinions about this subject it will be very interesting I'm sure!
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