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1 - Lift a layout by Jaclyn Bernardo, our Treat of the Month for January, and get to know her better in this month's special feature. 1 points

4 - Get Organized! The 1st of the year is the perfect time to regroup and reorganize, choose one place in your home to take before and after photos of and document the reorganization process! 1 point for challenge and 1 point for NR (Round the corner by Janet Phillips 1-9-10)

5 - Hat Day is January 15th - photograph and scrap one of your favorite people wearing their favorite or wackiest hat! 1 points

9 - January looks like... Take a photo looking out your front door or a window, standing on your driveway or front porch or even what your kids are wearing to school and scrap it! You'll see this challenge again and again throughout 2010, so choose a spot or subject which will illustrate the passage of time or seasons changing in an easy to capture photo. 1 point

10 - Coloriffic! Use the following swatch as inspiration to create a layout. 1 point

14 - January is National Hobby Month. Create a layout which celebrates your favorite hobby be it scrapbooking or something else. As an alternative, consider scrapping your husband or child's favorite hobby! 1 point

15 - Get Graphic: Scrap a layout with NO shadows! 1 point, NR kit (1-9-10) 1 point

18 - The ipod/itunes silhouettes are iconic! Use them as a source of inspiration for a layout... 1 point

19 - Use a winter themed kit to scrap a non-themed layout. 1 point

20 - Eyeball Benders: Use the macro setting on your camera to capture some of your family's favorite things from a whole new point of view (see the examples below) and scrap a whimsical and playful look at these "things". 1 point

21 -Hand the camera off to your children or spouse and scrap a layout with photos taken from their point of view. 2 points

22 - Use the thought provoking inspiration at Baby Love Letters to choose a topic and create a layout which includes a letter to your child, a loved one or even yourself. (What touched your heart today?) 2 points, NR 1-19-10 1 point

23 - January 23rd is National Handwriting Day! Get creative and create a layout which features your personal handwriting prominently on the page. If you have a custom font featuring your handwriting, feel free to use it! You can also journal with your favorite paper and pen and scan or photograph it too!
2 points plus NR 1-24-10 1 point

30 - Digiscrap Rewind: Recreate a layout you've done in the past to make it bigger and better than ever. Add that journaling you skimped on before, update the style and design vibe or share what you were REALLY thinking at the time to make it more personal, sentimental and significant to those who will reflect back on the memory in the future. (share the original layout and the updated version in your portfolio point tracker post to earn both points) 2 points

Old Layout

New Layout

31 total 5 points
31a - Introduce Yourself with Basic Stats

31b - 10 things I Love About Me

31c - If I could live anywhere, it would be...

Bonus #2: 1 point

Bonus #3 1 point, plus NR 1-18-2010 1 point

Bonus #4 1 point

Total: 31 points

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