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Originally Posted by KristinCB View Post
I had ZERO intention of having a word this year and then on there was a post talking about it and what started off as a joke actually turned into my word for this upcoming year and I have to say I'm super excited about it!

My word will be Cheers. I love that it is a simple and lighthearted and fun word.. In years past I think my problem with choosing a word was I tried to take these big serious words and I thought somehow they would change who I am..

This past year has been extremely difficult with so many things thrown at me that I forgot to celebrate the good things that did happen. I'm going to use this word to just remember the little (and big) things that are good that happen in 2019 so that I can focus on that more than the not so good things. Just little cheers all throughout the year. I really love it.
I love this idea, Kristin!!
Every year I've tried to pick a word that represents an area I need to work on and then I get overwhelmed and leave it in the dust after a few months.
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