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Originally Posted by rach3975 View Post
I'm working on past years right now (like usual!) rather than trying to stay current. I'm trying to finish 2019 right now, and I'm getting close! I have 6 more PL layouts. Three already have photos and journaling placed and 3 I need to start. (Still not ready to print the book because I combine PL and non-PL in the same album. I have about 30 pages to finish for that.)

My weeks vary a lot! When I first started my kids were young and cute (and willing to be photographed!), so I did 2-3 pages a week. Between the pandemic and them all being teens who don't want many photos taken, I do a lot less now. I seem to alternate between 1 page a week and 1 page for 2 weeks. But I've also had some weeks that are double page spreads and others where I can fit 3 weeks on 1 page!
Thank you Rachel, I've been wondering how to put my PL in my yearly album.

This is my first attempt at PL and I'm only three weeks behind. So feeling pretty good. I sometimes forget to take pictures of something. I love the idea of combining one or two weeks.

Thanks for the inspiration.
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