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Originally Posted by Robin Carlton View Post
Hey girls!

I just want to say... never stop trying. If it's something you want, keep going for it. Seriously... you don't know who was on our short list, those ladies we would have taken if we were adding 6 or 7 or 8 Babes, but alas, like you said Rae, we can't take everyone, so we have to narrow down / draw a line somehow.

We are acutely aware of how disappointing these calls can be, especially with such amazing scrappers here, but I hope you guys know how much we love and appreciate you for putting yourselves out there for us to consider. We really do think ALL of you are AMAZING!


I totally agree with Robin. Do not stop applying. I am not sure how often I applied but it's been a few times for sure and, ask Rubia, I almost didn't apply this time (because I was convinced I wasn't going to be chosen) and then Jenna nominated me and so I decided to nominate myself too and look what happened. I wish I could all give you a huge hug but don't give up because, as Robin said, you are all amazing ! ♥
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