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Originally Posted by rach3975 View Post
I'm still using an older version of Photoshop, CS6. For the first time I've had someone send me files in the newer format, HEIC. I know I can convert them to jpg, but there's nothing I can install to make PS open them without conversion, right? (This may be what finally pushes me to upgrade to CC, but I don't have time to deal with the learning curve until I finish the memory book for my daughter's class that I'm on a tight deadline for.)

If you use a converter, any recommendation? I want to do it locally, not upload photos to a website. I had to uninstall the first one I tried (Heic to Jpg). You know how you usually see pixel and MB info when you hover over a photo? This converter replaced that with a message telling me to convert using the app. No, thanks!
HEIC is Apple's "new" file extension. Apple users can edit that feature in their phone so that they aren't saving with that file extension. However anything before using that file extension needs to be converted because it's only an apple extension (Apple doesn't play fair)

With that said, you said PC so I'm assuming you have access to the microsoft store to pick up this converter

At the time when I encountered this new extension Microsoft hadn't had a program to convert for us. This is what I use and absolutely love!

Don't stress about upgrading to has nothing to do with Apple. Save yourself some money until you have time to learn an updated program and have the funds to do so.

Here are some articles about HEIC:

As well as what Apple has to say about HEIC

Lastly, to whoever gave you the HEIC photo, you can pass this along to them so that they can, moving forward, keep the jpg extension:

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