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Default January 2021: Passport FAQ

If you have any questions regarding THIS month's Passport challenges, please post them here.

We have a wonderful team and community here at SSD....
so someone is sure to get back to you ASAP with answers to anything and everything related to our Passport Challenge System!

Here is a list of this month's challenge prompts for easy reference:

#1. One Little Word : Anticipate
You can use this word as/in your title work, within your journaling, or simply let it inspire the direction of your layout.

#2. Product : Hopeful Themes/Titles
Create a page using an SSD product(s) that features a hopeful theme or title.

#3. Featured : Erica, Bobbie & Amber
A brand new series of Featured Designer freebies is here for 2021, and we can’t wait for these fun kits to inspire you! Thanks to a suggestion from community member, Lisa aka Armygrl, our theme this year is focused on all of those special days that make up our sweet memories. From Rainy Days to Ordinary Days, A Day at the Zoo or even a Kinda Nice Day like Erica’s first kit in the series, we can’t wait for you to get your hands on these beauties! Taking inspiration from these fun kits, each month we’ll be asking you to scrap a page focused on the kind of day our designers are celebrating in their featured designer freebies! You’re welcome to use the kit itself, or simply scrap a page inspired by the title, but get creative and let your imagination take the lead.

#4. Inspired By : Love to Collect Wallpaper
Let this gorgeous Love to Collect wallpaper image inspire your layout. Think about color, or memory boards, or repeating design, or vintage themes, or collections... etcetera.

#5. Dealers Choice : Pocket Page
Have some fun creating a pocket page layout with the focus on elements and titles which overlap multiple boxes and pocket “edges”.
SugarBabe Krista is a master of this technique, so check out her gallery and start thinking “outside the box”.

#6. Leaving Love :
Leave love on 15 layouts in the gallery and then post the link to each in your tracker thread.
Create your own place marker by using your favorite layout you've left love for during the month to "hold" that spot on your card ♥
Right click on a page in the gallery and save... follow by resizing this saved image to 97 X 97 before adding it to your Passport tracker image.

#7. Photography : Alternate Views
Go outside the norm this month and try to discover a creative way to capture & showcase your subject(s) within a viewfinder frame.

#8. So Sketchy : Monthly Inspiration!
Use the following sketch as inspiration for your layout.

#9. Seasonal : Opposite Day
January 25th is Opposite Day... so have some fun scraping a page that celebrates the people / things in your life that are polar opposites.

#10. Typography : Only Hope Font
Download font and use it on your layout. I thought this one might be a bit more of a challenge to use in traditional text... but think it'd be fantastically FUN for titlework!

#11. Wild Card : Scrap anything you'd like for this challenge ♥

#12. Composition : Trios
Create a page that's broken down into three distinct columns or rows.

#13. Journal : Looking Forward
2020 was a rough year for all of us, but I think that has made us that much more hopeful for a better 2021. Take some time to journal your hopes for the new year.

#14. Currently : Hoping for....

#15. List : Top 10
Scrap a page that features a list of the top 10 things you're most hopeful about in 2021.

#16. Pop Culture : New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions tend to get a lot of attention when a new calendar year trips over. I think a lot of those I see are made in regards to fitness and health... but they can really be about anything you'd love to achieve in the coming 12 months. No matter what you choose the real key to success is simply to focus on something that's meaningful to you! So consider things like crafts, reading, cooking, gardening, cleaning, organizing, traveling, photography, etcetera when you're looking to establish yours for this year. Resolutions: you may love'em or loathe'em... if you love'em scrap about your 2021 resolution. If you're in the loathe'em camp then simply scrap about what some of the more general goals are that you're hoping to reach in 2021.

#17. Details : Paint
Play up the use of paint and make it an important focus of your layout.

#18. Scraplift : Hosted on the Blog
On the first Sunday of each month, Sugarbabe Kim E. will host an inspiring Scraplift Challenge on the SSD Blog.
You have the entire month to play along and complete your page.

To keep in mind while you're scrapping...
These prompts are written and created with fairly broad themes/concepts in mind and I think that personal interpretation is key. You can certainly approach a prompt literally, or I encourage you to think about it in a different way ... take a creative approach on ways to apply prompts so that they'll work for you and your family.

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