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Happy (early) anniversary Wendy!

We're not a big Valentine's family either! Hubs and I always have a conversation a few days before a holiday that goes something along the lines of " I didn't get you anything so don't go surprising me with anything okay?" Lol... we're more of a want it get it now, rather than wait for a holiday kind of couple.

We always make something cute for Valentine's to hand out at school but over the years my enthusiasm for that is waning. This year we just printed off "You're beary cute" little notecards, cut them out and stapled them to some gummy bear packets. Just a notch above store bought Valentines but hey, they're happy! I'm happy we don't have to make boxes this year!

My kids usually get some sort of chocolate and a stuffed animal but after having just purged to move into a much smaller house I'm not about to go buy more useless crap so I bought them cute Disney gift cards. They are saving for another Disney trip so I figure this is dual-purpose for me right? Hehehehe

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