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Keira has mentioned a laptop, so we're getting her one this year, plus a new chair for her room. The butterfly chair she has isn't cutting it.

All 3 of our kids are currently obsessed with Pokemon, which kind of makes life really easy.

Plus we bit the bullet and bought a switch this year, so they're all getting a game, the boys are getting two, (one higher end, one cheaper one). Cooper actually asked for clothes this year (hoodies). So they'll get clothes too. Books. And Coop is getting a lego set, he's trying to collect all the Infinity war sets.

Harper really isn't getting much in the way of twos, only two I think, as of right now. I'm done with Cooper. 75% With Harper, really trying to do Keira's in person this year, instead of online.

I'm not a gift cards supporter for Christmas though, LOL! Unless it's in the stocking, maybe once they're out of the house. I just love buying gifts too much.

Oh, they're all getting a Funko Pop too (Pokemon).
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