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Originally Posted by KristinCB View Post
Speaking of dungeons and dragons Lily has asked about getting dice for that.. she doesn't play at all but a group of her friends do and she is wanting to start going to their game nights. Any suggestions on anything for starting out?

Lily and I are hoping to go to dear evan hansen (not the actual broadway one haha) I kind of wish I hadn't mentioned it last year and that way I could have surprised her with tickets for christmas.. lol
When my kids first started I actually ordered a big bag of dice off of wish. It was cheap and there were like 25 sets so we were all able to pick out the colors we wanted (and had extras for guests). As their interest grew and we knew they wanted to play and stick with it, we splurged on much 'cooler' sets of dice. Most of the player hand books and character sheets you can find online so it nice to be able to try things out first that way too.
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