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Well.... I'm off work for the summer. That is one thing I love about my job, summer's off! However, I AM taking 14 credit hours this summer. That is 4 classes and as these are only 8 week courses they are condensed meaning each week we do 2 weeks' worth of assignments. This is the first week and I'm already feeling a little overwhelmed! My summer plans, therefore, involve a lot of reading, a lot of quizzes, several papers and a whole lot of studying!

Beyond classes, I am working on getting things done around the house. Right now my big project is my back deck. I am power washing it all and then will stain and seal the deck part and paint the rails, step risers, etc. It is kind of a monumental task for me as the deck is huge. And awkward. There are 5 different levels to the deck and it is very oddly shaped. There is a long covered part off the dining room. On either end of that there are steps that lead down. Then it turns back onto itself and wraps around to meet again. Hard to explain, but it is big and is requiring a whole lot of work!

One thing I'm super excited about is getting to see the grand baby! They live in Nevada now. My stepdaughter will be visiting her mom for a weekend at the end of this month and we will get to see her and the baby during that weekend! We haven't saw them since last August right before they moved away and I've been missing them both fiercely!

Beyond that, both kids have camps, my daughter has 3 more weeks of a college summer program and my son is taking parkour classes. I'm on standby to sub for teachers in our summer school program but don't have any real plans myself.
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