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Originally Posted by DisneyMom View Post
Now that I'm back scrapbooking again I have a few projects (aka a LOT) to get working on. But these are my main priories right now

1. 2017 Disney Trip
- currently working on this one now

2. Family album from 2017
- Just had our last daughter in May 2017

3. Wilson Family Chaos book (Christmas presents for extended Family)
- Includes Memorable events/activities/sports from over the past few years.
Sounds like plenty to keep you busy, especially with a baby! I love the idea of the Chaos book. I've done family vacation albums as gifts because my extended family takes a week-long summer vacation together, but I've never considered adding other things into that book. Hmmm...

Originally Posted by dagi View Post
currently, I am going through photos since 2008 when my first son was born. so many precious photos and memories I haven't scrapped yet! this really is a looong term project
Wow--that is ambitious! I get intimidated by the idea of sorting a full year's photos for our calendar--I can't imagine going through everything since 2008. I bet you'll find some amazing photos you've forgotten about or that seem more meaningful years later than they did at the time.

I'm still plugging along on my 2017 album. I've basically finished January through April (the 1st book I'll print) and am about halfway through my May to August book. My goal is to finish 2017 by the end of June, which I think I can still do. (My summer vacation starts in mid-June a week before my kids' does, so I'm hoping to get a lot of scrapping done then.) I've put my Disney album on hold; I feel like I'm too far behind on our 2017 and 2018 family albums to want to devote time to another project right now.

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