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Originally Posted by michelepixels View Post
I'm shopping around for a simple digi-scrapping project to help me jump back into it. I used to scrap pages every week, but in the last couple of years I've focused on my photography and only scrapped a few pages each year! I really like this challenge format with all the prompts presented upfront and the flexibility of interpreting them our own ways.

The thing that keeps giving me pause when considering joining challenges, however, is that I don't think I have enough current product for any single digi-scrap store (because of my two year hiatus from scrapping) to make all my layouts using mostly appropriate products. I do have A LOT of kits though -- I started digi-scrapping in 2004 -- and not much in my budget for buying new stuff, so I'd like to use what I have.

I just searched my files for the designers' names listed in the store and do find I have several of them in my stash -- though mostly old and/or freebies.

To fulfill the "must use Sweet Shoppe products for the bulk" do the items have to be currently in the store or would it be okay to use items I have from current designers, even though it probably came from their previous stores or were freebies from months ago?

Would it be frowned upon if I start out participating with anything I currently have in my stash, knowing I don't qualify for the rewards, just to try this out and see if this is the project for me? Then in February I could start building a specifically Sweet Shoppe stash.

On another note, I understand all the prompts on the bingo card, except maybe one: spin-a-lift. Does that mean to scraplift a page of Alyson's, changing it to make it our own (putting our own spin on it)?

Finally, will the prompts change every month and repeats be moved around the bingo board?

Thank you!

p.s. By way of quick introduction, since I see I have never posted here before today, I don't remember what originally brought me here when I registered in June 2013 but today I came after reading Traci Reed's latest newsletter.
Hi MIchele! Welcome to SSD! So glad you're getting back to digi!

To answer some of your questions...

Spin-a-lift is an old SSD challenge that we've done over the years. Basically, you choose a layout and then flip or rotate it and lift it from there!

Any products from current SSD designers is fine... including freebies, items you've picked up from their personal store, and retired items. As long as it's by a current designer, you're good!

You're also welcome to check out our free sample section and use those things on your layouts. We just put 24 new free items up yesterday, so there are lots of fresh things there to play with, too!

And yes, we'll be putting up a new board each month!

Finally, I'd say that if you wanted to just try the challenges on your own using outside-of-SSD product (just to try out the system and knowing that it wouldn't count for rewards), you're welcome to do that. However, we do not have an "open" gallery, so that means, you have to use some SSD product on your page for it to be posted here.

I hope this info helps a little. If you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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