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Originally Posted by Neverland Scraps View Post
Okay I have a question. My son's field trip to the pumpkin patch has been cancelled due to snow. They think it will be Oct 31, but there's a possibility of them doing another field trip that isn't outdoors since it looks like Winter has come sooner than expected. Since I've never been to a pumpkin patch before I know I don't have any photos to complete this prompt.

What can I do for Fall Festival/Hay Rides?
I'm stumped for ideas?
Hi Wendy!

Some places do "fall festival" in place of halloween parties. Do your kids do something at school? Like make an art project of leaves? Nature hike at a park? I was planning to do our trip to the cider mill that has a corn maze, pyramid of hay bales, etc.

or what about an un-fun festival. Go to Oktoberfest, but take pics of them NOT being able to get into beer tents, shaking your fingers at them, schnitzel on a stick instead of a popsicle, have them frowning each time, coming out of a portable potty . . . .

hmmm, I think I might do that. get my kids to associate yucky stuff with beer .....
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