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LeeAndrea - sounds like a busy wkend and hope you get your daughter's board fixed and get everything done this wkend. Hope everything goes as planned.

Amie - our trailer is just outside Bellingham WA on a ranch. It's our little home away from home, a triple slide trailer with all the amenities of home with an awesome deck and patio and lots of greenery. Its so peaceful! We're about 25 min outside Bellingham so go shopping in town a lot.

Angie - have fun photographing the wedding. I miss it (I retired from the biz last yr so I could focus on my own photography). Hope your health holds up and what a wonderful gift to them. As a wedding photographer, I know how much work goes into that.

Carrie - I still am waiting to see Avengers. I know I'll love it.

Tammy - TJ Umami is a spice (not a sauce). It's like a healthier version of MSG sort of. It seems to bring out the flavors in almost anything. I put it on eggs, meat, cooked veggies....yum!
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