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Originally Posted by SeattleSheri View Post
Were you trying for a girl? / Are you sad you had ANOTHER boy? ... nope, I wanted three children
Was he an accident? ... nope, I had two M/C along the way, he was definitely planned (not that it matters, lol)
Is it the same dad? ... it actually is!
It must be hard "starting over" ... unless you have multiples, you're starting over every time you have a child
We get asked different questions since we have 4 girls.
-Are you going to try for a boy? Ummm, no.
-Are they all yours? Yep, 2 look similar and like their dad, One looks like me. The other one...she's a good mix.
-4 girls huh? I don't know what we're supposed to answer to this one? "Oh no, where did that 4th one come from?!" "No, there are actually 5, can't you see the 5th one?"
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