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I love the challenge of finding something great at a good price. I won't buy any clothing unless it's on sale and I love to browse thru the consignment stores. Bailey and I browsed yesterday afternoon in a few stores we hadn't been in before and she picked up some sweaters and an armful of books.

In Bellingham there are two Labels outlets and I always find clothes, purses, scarves and home goods in there. I try to pop in ever few months to check it out. My daughter bought a Coach bag in there at about 1/6 of the original price. I picked up a low carb cookbook there in the spring for a few dollars and had just bought the other book in the series on Amazon a few wks before that for a lot more money.

I also love to peruse Craigs List for photography stuff. I've gotten some great lenses at a good price. I always look on CL when I need new furniture before buying at the store. I picked up 2 stacking Ikea wire basket racks last week for a fraction of the original cost and they were brand new. They now are stacked together, in the spare bedroom, holding all my scarves, sorted by color. I'll have to take a pick of them and do a layout about my scarves.

I love a good deal!
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