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Originally Posted by Neverland Scraps View Post
Yeah I noticed you didn't do it and know you were busy last night with J's birthday!

The Primary Color one I've not even thought about---I hate primary colors and am hoping I can pull that one off, last minute of course!

Oh Amy!!!! WOW!!! That's gorgeous!!! Share your shadowing secrets!!

I had to look up the definition of Eureka to be able to figure out how I wanted to use it in my layout.
By definition, it means "A cry for joy when one discovers something".
With that, I used that as my inspiration for a travel page and the excitement we had while driving out West for the very first time! We didn't say "eureka", but we sure had the definition as we took in the wonders before our eyes during that vacation

Maybe that will help you?
Yes! That's a great way to use the word! Thank you! Shadow secrets... lol! I make a new layer & use black & white brushes at 10% opacity to shadow/highlight... that's all I've got! Ha!
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