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Originally Posted by mrsashbaugh View Post
No suggestions as I'm a Silhouette user, but it should be so fun! I love playing and using my Silhouette when I get the chance. I know Cassie has one and she would be a source for information.
I've been asking her a million questions this entire year about the Maker!! She's been my go-to for information, what I need, what she recommends, etc. She's so knowledgeable!

Originally Posted by jaye View Post
how awesome!!! I keep thinking I need a Cricut.......but then I buy something for my camera, lol.
Can't wait to see what you create and fill us in on all the details as I am very intrigued by these machines.
That's tempting. . . .I'm not as active with my camera these days so maybe that's a good thing for us!

Depends on what it is, I'll post it here in the gallery (if I use SSD products). Otherwise it may/maynot get posted on my FB page--just depends on what the kiddos say about posting their work.

Originally Posted by MamaBee View Post
I have a first generation Silhouette and it's still in the box... haha. I think I've tried to use it twice. I really want to do t-shirts so I don't have to pay $20 for each one I get for my kiddo... haha. But I think I need a newer one.
What?! Get that bad boy out of the box and learn yours with me!!!
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