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Jacinda - Thank you for the tutorial link. I had seen this one. I couldn't quite figure it out how to apply these tips for PSE 12, but I will play around a bit more.

Christy - yes, thank you - the tutorial you shared was helpful because this gets me a step closer to what I am trying to do. The stumbling block I am running into is - What if I don't want my text to conform to one of PS's standard shapes??

Traci - Thank you for your input. I need "PSE 12 for Dummies" because making a closed text path is exactly what I don't know how to do. If I could get this one crucial step figured out, I might be in business! LOL! ...Specifically, I am thinking of your February tutorial on the Gossamer Blue page - about adding text around the subject of your photo. (This is what I am trying to do for the layout I am working on, but I can see how knowing how to make custom text boxes would be useful in a number of scrappy situations...) In that tutorial, you mention using the "pen" tool, but I can't seem to figure this out in PSE 12. I have a pencil tool, and I can draw a shape, but haven't figured out how to make that into my textbox.
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