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Originally Posted by lingovise View Post
Another crazy week down!! Holy smokes!
I think one of the most difficult things I'm currently struggling with is trying to keep all of my photographs cohesive. With some taken outside, inside our house [which is heavily shaded], indoors, early mornings, late evenings... I fear it'll all look like a hot mess once my pages are printed and the brightness/clarity of all my photos are sure to vary greatly. How do all of you handle/deal with this dilemma?
Lawd, I haven't even thought about photo cohesiveness! In this season I'm glad I have any photos at all, let alone that they get scrapped or printed. And anyway, for a project like this I think that a bad photo is better than no photo at all!!

Maybe someday I can aspire to that level of togetherness #mommmyscrapgoals
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