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Originally Posted by icindi View Post
My sister had an exchange student for a school year and had a similar experience as your friends—the student had no money so she paid for everything. This is for a month over the summer with a family we know and we will do the same, pay for everything for the student. Their family did the same when my kids visited them in France, too. We will have a girl this summer! The previous two we hosted were boys. My son’s all met her when they were in France and my youngest has been texting her for months so she should be pretty comfortable here. He also has a lot of female friends so she will not be alone.
We decided to take her to the Grand Canyon, so that should be fun.

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It will be fun for you to have a girl under foot! I hope you have a wonderful time at the Grand Canyon! It sounds like you have a plan, and have it all worked out! That's great! It was our friend's first experience, and they had no idea how it all worked. They now know that there experience wasn't the norm. I hope you all have a wonderful summer with her! That's great that you all kinda know her already! I bet that helps!
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