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I have a paper planner, a kitchen cabinet covered in reminder post its, and phone alarms set. Most of the time my 3-pronged system is enough for the important things, but every once in a while my lack of memory still manages to get the best of me!

I had yearly eye appointments scheduled for 2 of the kids the week before school began. Those appointments close to the start of the school year tend to be in high demand and have to be scheduled way in advance at our eye doctor. So we'd scheduled them nearly a year ahead, way before we scheduled our family vacation. Vacation ended the day before the appointments, so no problem. I kept them. Um...yes, problem. I wasn't checking my planner during vacation because vacation week didn't have any plans written in it. (Family reunion at a lake with activities not planned in advance) I hadn't set a phone reminder, because the last time I thought about the appointments (back when we first scheduled the vacation) they were still 6 months away. We were away so I didn't hear the phone reminder the office left, and their email reminder went to junk mail and I never looked there while we were away. So in spite of a planner note, a phone call, and an email, I STILL managed to space on the appointments and not realize we'd missed them until 24 hours later. Oops! I still feel guilty for wasting the doctor's time with not 1 but 2 missed back to back appointments!
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