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I'm like you, Rae! I might even be worse.

I think some of it is the scatterbrained, easily distracted, artsy side of my brain. I don't really CARE to remember details. And I'm often distracted by something right before we leave the house so I forget my wallet (if I was buying something on the computer) or phone often.

I forget things all the time. I've learned how to help myself by setting reminders on my phone (I am a new iphone owner and it's so cool to just say "Siri, set a reminder at 5:00 to start dinner" LOL). I have alarms set with different tones to remember when we need to leave our house for my kid's many activities. We leave at a different time each day... 3:15 for tap on Friday, 3:00 for ballet on Weds, 2:00 pick up on Monday, blah blah... it's a lot. And often I will catch myself forgetting WHO I'm picking up at what time each day. God knew I could only handle 2 kids. Although, because we only have 2 they do a ton of stuff: robotics, theater, golf, and dance. We also have co-ops and youth group, etc etc.

I take notes, make lists, maintain two calendars (on the fridge and on my phone) and I still mess up. For example, I showed up at my ENT appointment the other day at the WRONG office. I had an appointment for the east office, 3 minutes from my house, and I went to the north office. Duh!!! It frustrates me so much that I'm forgetful. But I manage. For now. I'm not looking forward to being an old lady. I pray I don't forget how to use my cell phone or how to drive :/

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