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I do tend to overthink things but I don't when it comes to scrapping.

My children are VERY different from each other so I try not to compare them to each other or the pages I make for them. They're lucky to get scrapbook pages made about them all! I am careful with the way I phrase things in my journaling, especially when it comes to more sensitive topics, but I don't put too much stock into the wordart or overall theme as potentially offending or upsetting my child.

I don't worry about 'even-ness' either as I had 4 years with just the oldest that I figure I will make up on the back end when she's away at college or being a grown-up and the littlest is still at home with me. If I noticed a period of time when ALL I was doing was one or the other, I suppose I would try to even it out but that has not been the case so far.
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