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Originally Posted by allyanne View Post
If I really want something, I usually buy it when it releases, so that means I have less money to spend on sales and less that I really have to have.
This is totally usually me - I see it, I want it, I buy it - and then sales roll around and all I pick up is the new stuff.

Life has been so crazy busy for me lately, after the Anniversary sale, I set a new rule for my scrapbooking shopping: unless I was going to immediately scrap something with it, I wasn't allowed to buy it. Instead, any new releases I loved had to go onto my wishlist to wait for iNSD.

I'm usually not good with delayed gratification, but it worked pretty well this time. Of course, now I'll probably wind up spending a couple hundred dollars, justifying it by reminding myself I haven't spent anything on supplies in months. (Two months, but still...)

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