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Originally Posted by Libby Pritchett View Post
These challenges are TOTALLY open to interpretation. As long as you can justify in your mind how your page fits the challenge, it's totally fine with us. These challenges are supposed to inspire you. We aren't in the business of trying to disqualify people.

So using some of the examples above: messy/clean - You could do a literal page of a messy room vs a clean room (or messy/clean kid or whatever), or you could do something like half your page is messy and the other half is clean, or any other way you interpret the challenge is fine, too.

Same with pumpkin spice... if you don't like pumpkin spice, you don't HAVE to scrap about starbucks. LOL Scrap a trip to the pumpkin patch, the color orange, a general fall page using pumpkin elements.

Just take these prompts as a jumping off point and let them inspire you. I promise you, as long as there is a connection in some way to the prompt, it's TOTALLY fine.
Thank you so much! I was talking with my oldest this morning how I could scrap pumpkin spice and she was like "take me to Starbucks and I'll get one" Apparently she likes them, but I'm too cheap to Starbucks! But since time is of the essence, I'm not taking her to Starbucks for a drink, just for a layout. I like the idea of using orange. Now to see if I have any orange kits. I've never been to a pumpkin patch, maze thingy or anything like that before so no photos there. Hmmmm, That one does have me stumped as it's one of the last ones I need to scrap for Hard Bingo. And thank you for the easiness of the challenges. I've not done a challenge since the beginning of this year where I had to justify why I scrapped what I did for a specific challenge. It became rather challenging doing the challenges, which is why I never did another one or tried a Bingo Challenge here!
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