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Is there something you are looking forward to?
Hmm... summer school... I love homeschooling in the summer because it's totally kid driven... this summer Jake wants to learn more about early explorers, classical music composers, do lots of science, and learn greek. I've added a fun around the world geography unit study that I've been wanting to do for four years. Come fall, Jake's school schedule will be very challenge.

Do you have a garden?
No... I just have to look at a plant and it will die... I send Jake over to my mom's to garden.

How early do you wake each day?
My husband leaves for work around 6 during the week and 4:30 when he does radio - he always wakes me to say goodbye. I do get up, if I fall back asleep I'm really tired for the rest of the day.

What was the last thing you baked or do you ever?
My last name might be Kuchenbecker (german for cake baker), but I really, really hate to bake. I made meatballs tonight for dinner that baked in the oven, does that count? haha

Do you have a skin care regime?
No... *gasp* I know, bad...
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