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Default February 2023 - Show Off & Shout Out!

Hey, hey Sweet Shoppers!

Welcome to this month's Show Off & Shout Out companion thread! This is your place to strut your stuff and give some love to the scrappers who inspire you each month including yourself!

Rather than incorporating leaving love into this year's challenges, we decided we'd rather give you a spot to look through the gallery, leave love on your favorite pages, show off the pages you're most proud of creating this month and shout out to scrappers whose layouts really stood out to you! Best of all, we're giving away FREE stuff to say thanks for helping make our community sweet, inspiring, and uplifting too!

Here's how it works...

Claim your spot in this thread each month and before 11:59pm EST on the last day of the month, update your post with the following info...
  • Links to 15 pages you've left love on!
  • An image of the layout you want to show off... Tell us why you're proud of creating it and why you love it so much!
  • An image of a layout from a fellow sweet shopper you want to give a shout out to... Tell us why it inspires you, and what you love about it!

That's it! Just for showing off and shouting out, you'll be entered to win a free kit or mini bundle up to $15 in value from our sweet spot because at the beginning of every month, we'll be choosing winners at random from everyone who left love, showed off their favorite pages or nominated their fellow scrappers to win!

To be clear and concise...

Leave Love on 15 pages - 1 entry for yourself
Show Off - 1 entry for yourself
Shout Out - 1 entry for the scrapper you're giving a shout out to

** Remember that Sugarbabes & SSD Designers are not eligible, so be sure your Shout Outs are for pages created by other community members. **
*Monthly winners will be drawn at random from all entries received.

That's it! We think our community members are the best in digi-land, so we hope you love our new challenges and that you find this monthly thread an uplifting and inspiring way to interact with your fellow scrapper!
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My spot for this month.

Leave love:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Show off:

This was such a fun moment while in Epcot, we really enjoyed watching Pooh Bear playing around. I also love the way everything came together in this layout, with the template and the kit I used. The colors are perfect, the clusters turned out nice, but what I like the best is the bee Pooh tries to catch near the title.

Shout out:
My shout out goes to JillW with her Pay It Forward layout:

Not only is the design gorgeous with the split papers, the amazing clusters and the book, the story is touching as well. Kindness that's been heaven sent.

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Show Off:

I love this page because it's so fun to go back and scrap older photos. My son in these pictures is now 15!! I have had my eye on this collab kit for a while and it was so fun to play with!

Shout Out:

This gorgeous LO by JillW is just beautiful! I love her cluster work and the placement of the JCs, the strings, and the pencil. So much to love on here!

Left Love:
1. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=705251
2. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=694327
3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...3b-now&cat=710
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707465
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707476
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707399
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=706704
8. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=706547
9. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707652
10. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707773
11. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707728
12. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707512
13. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707482
14. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707405
15. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707300

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Leave love:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Show off:
This one has a different feel than most of my layouts. A little brighter and "cleaner." And I love that picture of Nathan.

Shout out:
I think everything about the layout is amazing.

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My spot for this month.

Leave love:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Show off: Love what this layout tells...when my boys first met

Shout out:

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Leave love:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Show off: I chose this one because I spent a lot of time warping the papers and LOTS of lighting layers at various opacities to make it feel real!

Shout out: Je T'aime by crazycat1126- I love the reds/pinks with the b/w photo & all the fun scatters!

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Leave Love on 15 Layouts
1 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...blings&cat=703
2 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...others&cat=500
3 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...7s-day&cat=500
4 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...uddies&cat=500
5 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...urever&cat=500
6 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...others&cat=500
7 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...aukeln&cat=500
8 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...y-2018&cat=710
9 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...m-2020&cat=668
10 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ndelen&cat=500
11 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...mitten&cat=500
12 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...e=love&cat=500
13 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...=chaos&cat=500
14 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ermany&cat=500
15 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...llenge&cat=700

Show Off
I'm loving this one. I think I love whatever season we're in so I'm attracted by the pinks and reds of valentine's day. lol

Shout Out for hosanhelwa
I love this mixed media layout and I feel all the emotions she is feeling in that page. Such a heartfelt and heartbreaking page.

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Leave love:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15

Show off:
i love this page for juniors photobook, because of the soft colors i could use with this photos.
and i really like my title work

Shout out:
i love this one from crazycat1126
the cute photo, the cluster, everything fits perfect with the background

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Leave Love:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15

Show off:

I just love how everything came together on this one... It's my favorite this month, I think

Shout out:
This GORGEOUS page by JillW

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Leave Love:
1. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704403
2. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704666
3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704441
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704440
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704583
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704559
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=702653
8. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=703994
9. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704976
10. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=705098
11. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=705099
12. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=705093
13. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=705105
14. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704938
15. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=705097

Show off:
I had fun making this one:

Shout out:
I choose this pretty layout from JillW:
I love her layout and the positive message of Kindness.
Her layers works is wonderful and love the notebook. Her stunning and pretty clusters are just perfect. And her story is heartwarming, love it!

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Show off:

my scraplift layout:

my shout out:

This one by ajm, love the artistry of it, the wonderful sentiment expressed and the hopeful symbolism of the elements chosen.


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Ok I'll start here

Leave Love on 15 pages - 1 entry for yourself
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Show Off - 1 entry for yourself

I am very proud of this page and the others in the little series of did of Blast from the Past. I wanted to highlight some of the things I remember most from childhood and tween/teen years. This was the teen/teens (90's)

Shout Out - 1 entry for the scrapper you're giving a shout out to

I love this one! The layout with all the elements as well as the bright cheeriness of it.


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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Show Off:
This was a lot of work but so worth it. I don't document things about myself as much as I should, plus I really like all the info that is included with this page.

Shout Out:
I just love how many photos Romanjo was able to include on her layout. The festive colors really bring home the excitement of her vacation page.
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Leave Love
1. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707411
2. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707431
3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ing-23&cat=710
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707399
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...le=you&cat=500
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...7354&nocache=1
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ndship&cat=500
8. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707319
9. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707393
10. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...h-2020&cat=710
11. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707175
12. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707063
13. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=706810
14. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=706565
15. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=706547

Show Off: I'm going to go with this LO, which I created about my son from a mostly girl-y kit.

Shout Out: I was totally drawn in to this page by Olivia (LivyBug). I love the artsy background, the combo of b/w and color photos, and the awesome layering and clustering below the photos. The stitched border is the perfect touch.


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1 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707631
2 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707600
3 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707574
4 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707597
5 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707524
6 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707550
7 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707516
8 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707520
9 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707572
10 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707509
11 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707457
12 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707395
13 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707411
14 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707438
15 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707358

Show Off

I love scrapping heritage photos but don't do it very often. It was fun going through my photos finding pictures to scrap.

Shout Out

I love everything about this page! The white background is perfect ... her use of the fun elements is just perfect!

Last edited by JillW; 02-23-2023 at 09:50 PM.
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My spot.

Leaving Love:
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15

Show Off: I love that this layout came out so clean. And it just showcases my new fave photo of Hubby and I.

Shout Out: This layout by amyjcaz just jumped out at me! Love the perspective of the photo and the arty paint and brushes directly on the photo. Just stunning.


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Leaving loves:

1) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=708551
2) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=708520
3) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=708470
4) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=708445
5) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=708342
6) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=708333
7) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=708123
8) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707613
9) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707737
10) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707443
11) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707042
12) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707090
13) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=706619
14) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=707706
15) https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=706547

Show Off:
I created a few pages this month that were outside my comfort zone. This page of our little guy was probably my favorite. I may have gone a little overboard on the embellishments, but love the end result.

Shout Out:
This page by crazycat1126 is simply adorable! I love everything about this page. The photo of Mr. Cutie Pie all tucked in ontop the stacked papers, watercolored heart and the bed of flowers to accent. Cute cute cute.


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I didn't know this was a thing and I almost missed it! ♥

1. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704332
2. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704356
3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704713
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=705110
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=705118
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=705103
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704386
8. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=703522
9. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=705142
10. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=705090
11. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704406
12. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704515
13. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704668
14. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704749
15. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=704778

I initially created this layout for the using a template in an unexpected way This or That challenge (I ended up using it for the featured designer challenge instead), by not using a background paper and LOVED the way it turned out. The colors are bright and the page pops and I just adore those pics of my baby laughing at my fur baby!

This page inspired me to purchase this kit and will for sure be scraplifted in the future. I just love all of the delicious background layered papers, including cards and ephemera!
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