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Question QOTD: What's your favorite tool in your scrapping software?

First, tell us what software you use to scrapbook ... then, tell us what your favorite tool is and why.

I use Photoshop CC to create my layouts, and my absolute favorite tool is the Content-Aware fill. If I have a photo that won't completely fill the frame or photo block on a layout, Content-Aware fill lets me quickly extend the sides or top/bottom of my photo with grass, sky, trees, or whatever is in the background of the pic, and 98.5% of the time, you can't tell it wasn't in the original shot.

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That the funny thing about PS is that there are so many tools ... and different ways to do the same thing. I haven't used the content-aware fill tool, but I definitely will! I've only had CC for a few months. My previous version didn't have that tool (or if it did, I was totally unaware). I actually don't know what my favorite tool is.
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Ctrl Z - seriously wish life came with such an option!

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Ctrl Z for me too! I tried content aware a few times, but never quite got the knack of it. I'm sure I'd use it more if I understood it better.
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Haha... Ctrl z! Definitely.

I also love the Hard Pass filter for sharpening photos.

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I was going to say Ctrl-Z, but I'll go with something else for the sake of variety. Shadows are one of my favorite tools. Shadowing is usually the last thing I do; the shadow actions I wrote put part of the shadow on a separate layer, so it's harder to move things around if I shadow as I go. When you work on a flat, unshadowed layout and then go through and add all the shadows at once, it's amazing how that simple step transforms the layout and brings it to life.
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