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Default Thanksgiving/Christmas

So, the big thing right now is Thanksgiving is just one day, but Christmas is a Season.

Agree? Disagree?

I have Thanksgiving decorations up (because I like them), but my daughter's room is already decorated for Christmas. We have also started listening to Christmas music already and doing some shopping/ getting ideas for Christmas gifts. But the tree and actual Christmas decorations won't go up until the day after Thanksgiving!

*ALSO** Are you a real or fake tree person? My husband loves a real tree, even though we have a perfectly fine fake tree that doesn't shed, and requires no watering or upkeep. He has our girls divided now too! (they told me he sent only the girls a poll in a group chat on real or fake tree. He already knew what my vote would be so I didn't get a vote!)
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So, the big thing right now is Thanksgiving is just one day, but Christmas is a Season.

Agree only because I love Christmas...music, tree, movies, decorations and just the spirit. Thanksgiving has never been big in my house. I also am not a fan of turkey. We are doing brunch this year so my son can go to lunch at his girlfriend's house
I have some Thanksgiving/fall decor up but we are putting up Christmas stuff this weekend. We usually do after Thanksgiving but my son will be gone to take photos for a wedding in Georgia. The weekend before we have a company picnic for hubby...if we wait till my son gets back it will be too close to Christmas. We leave on the 21st to go to VA to see my family and won't be back till the 30th.

We do a fake tree...I can leave it up longer too. I would kill a real one. I have a black thumb. Allergies are the biggest reason. I can't have a real tree in my house. It would drive me bonkers...the mess would also drive both hubby and I batty. I also like prelit trees...I like a lot of lights and stringing that many would be a pain. The one we have now will go between color and white.
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That debate is the big thing this year. I feel like we should just let everyone do their thing! lol!

I usually put fall decorations up, transition to Halloween and then transition to Thanksgiving. This year I was out of town, so there's been no decorating! I will put a Thanksgiving centerpiece on the table for dinner, but if I feel better and have the energy, I will start Christmas everywhere else.

I love the scent of real trees, but we've transitioned to fake because I got tired of putting lights on and taking them off every year (mostly taking off!). Fake trees are just so much easier.
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I always put up some fall decorations but the Christmas ones go up for longer. I'm all for everything being a season. Didn't everyone used to list what they were thankful for everyday in November?
I am 100% real tree. I love going with the kids and my parents to pick out our trees, cut them down, maybe get some hot cocoa at the tree farm... I love the smell of the tree, decorating it.... everything. Ever since I discovered tree bags we have virtually no mess to clean up - just pull the bag up and carry it out of the house.
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We don't celebrate Christmas, so Thanksgiving has always been our big holiday when we see relatives we don't see the rest of the year. If decorating is the difference between a day and a season, every holiday is a day for me! We decorate a little for Hanukkah (mostly because everyone else has Christmas decorations up, so I feel the need to do something), but that's it.
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It's Christmas in our household, because Thanksgiving is not celebrated here (well, neither is Christmas, but I love Christmas!).
I always use a fake tree for the convenience and price. After 2 years being in the storage, I had to toss our old tree because it was all rusty. So, I am buying a new and better one this week. I am excited to feel the festivity in our home soon. I am even more excited to see my little daughter face lit up with joy when she experiences it all soon. I owe her that when we could not do it while being stuck in Indonesia at my parents' place due to the small space we had to live in.
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Christmas here as well.
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Belgium.

We have a fake tree. And I don't mind. I will put it up in a week or two. I already shopped for some extra decorations.
And I have already started buying and/or creating Christmas presents.

I look forward so much to celebrating Christmas this year. It will be Finn his first Christmas and I have looked forward to it since the day he was born.

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Christmas here too, we don't celebrate thanksgiving.
Love my fake tree, because it's summer here a real tree just won't last and I don't have the energy for all that cleaning.
Am really hoping we make it overseas to see the family this year.
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I don't decorate for Thanksgiving at all. And, I do very little for Christmas. I have 2 small tabletop trees that I put out. And, a ceramic lighted tree. My main decoration is a setup of empty chairs/dog beds for those that I miss during this season (parents and 3 dogs).

This season of the year is very hard on me for many reasons. Most people get SAD in January, for me it starts at Thanksgiving and ends on NYE.
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I think Thanksgiving, for me is just a day, but it's really a season (month) of thankfulness. Christmas is a season, usually the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas day. I'm not big on listening to Christmas music until AFTER Thanksgiving as I like to keep my holidays/seasons separate from one another.

Trees - I'm allergic to pine, so I prefer fake. However real is always beautiful and so nice to have/see. Now that my situation has changed and space is limited, I highly doubt I'll ever have another Christmas tree again in my near/distant future. I'm not one for decorating for anything as I don't have much "clutter". But I also know I'm not the norm when it comes to holiday decorations.
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I don't know why we don't move Thanksgiving to October. There is literally no reason to keep so close to Christmas. It would solve all of our problems to simply change the date. It would still be fall, and we could have a season of gratitute without it being pushed out by Christmas.

I just went to Walmart today and bought some Thanksgiving decorations for the little table in our living room, and I got all of it for less than a dollar because they were setting up Christmas stuff.

I love a real tree when we're in the States; my husband HATES it. He actually thinks we shouldn't even decorate for Christmas while we're in the States because we open presents at my parents' house. The last time we were home, we seriously had the worst fight we've had in years over putting up a tree! In the Philippines, we use a fake tree because they don't grow Christmas trees there.
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Originally Posted by bienejen View Post
Didn't everyone used to list what they were thankful for everyday in November?
Yes, we have done this in the past, but to be honest, participation wanes as the month goes on and everyone gets busy. This year, I didn't start it for that reason and because I think everyone gives thanks in their own way, so we have it covered.
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"So, the big thing right now is Thanksgiving is just one day, but Christmas is a Season" AGREED!!!

I too have some Thanksgiving decor that I swap after Halloween (take down the witch's broom, a few Halloween signs & jackolanterns; put up the eat pie sign, my cute turkey sign that says let's order pizza and a few others.) I too listen to christmas music in the car & can turn on "santa mode" in my car which turns the little car on the screen to a sliegh & jingle bells are my blinker sounds! I am debating getting some of the Christmas stuff out this weekend- maybe even the trees. We usually host for Thanksgiving, but are going to my inlaws new house instead, so that was my only reason on waiting to put up the tree in teh past. My hubby has always been a bit grinchy about it, but the last few years, he usually just says whatever makes you happy- & I love that attitude in general. If it makes someone happy- go for it!

*ALSO** Are you a real or fake tree person? Fake. I like to keep them up for too long for real one to look well. Plus, I'm 1000% anti bug & real trees freak me out with the bug situation!
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To me, Thanksgiving is a day and it's the start of the Christmas season..... that being said I totally LOVE everything about Christmas and Christmas decorating and usually do it Black Friday/Saturday.... but this year I will probably start early since that weekend I am headed to Disney...hehehe.... I can listen to Christmas music anytime, I just love it!! I usually host Thanksgiving dinner, but not this year.

And my tree (maybe trees) are fake.... hubby liked the real tree when we were first married... but when I was expecting number 4 I told him it was fake tree or he had to crawl under and water it everyday.... he pulled out the sale ad and said "go buy this one". done. hahahaha

Guest CT for Kristin Cronin-Barrow

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I always grew up waiting until the first week of December to decorate for Christmas and leaving it up through New Year's Day. That's what I still do. I don't mind early decorations and I don't seasonally decorate for anything other than Christmas.
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I love both Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I have to agree that Christmas is a season. For me, there's something about having the time with family and sharing a fabulous meal with them and then the very next day, everything goes into Christmas mode, especially if it's cold outside (sometimes here in Texas, it is warm for Thanksgiving).

I love Christmas music and movies (actually, lately I've watched Christmas movies year 'round). However, when it comes to decorating, I don't do much of that these days because I don't like spending time putting everything away. I usually don't decorate for Thanksgiving/Fall, although I used to when my son was young, as we decorated for Halloween, and I have a stuffed turkey and a stuffed pumpkin that I made about 20 years ago.

I'm a fake tree person, as I grew up with fake trees because my brother was highly allergic to real trees. I do love the pre-lit trees, which reminds that we need a new tree, as our tree's lights don't work.
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