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Default Sweet Shoppe Challenge Bingo: July 2018

Howdy-Howdy Sweet Shoppers!! We have officially hit the midway marker for 2018... which is absolutely insane!! ♥ I hope this month's card will help to inspire you while providing some fun and unique new prompts to assist in getting your memories scrapped and preserved.

Everything related to our Bingo Challenges can be found within our Bingo Community Challenge Forum. We host a New Bingo Faq thread every month [see July here], where you can quickly and easily ask for help or clarification on any of the current challenges featured while referencing a copy of the card provided within that thread. Also, all of our weekly Bingo with the Babes inspirational threads are pinned/stuck to the top of the challenge forum each week, as they're posted, and will remain there throughout the month they are current. It is our hope that this helps in getting answers to you faster and makes our inspirational threads easier to locate.

The Low-Down

To play along, check out this month's Bingo card and start planning your strategy for earning the discount you want. Our Bingo challenges are designed to be fairly simple, straightforward and open to interpretation for the most part, so have fun with them! Like always, challenges in quotes indicate a word or phrase which should appear as shown on your layout. Otherwise, remember that as long as you try to scrap in the spirit of the challenge as it's posted, you'll be just fine, but let us know if you have any questions!

This month's Bingo card was created using Scrap Your Stories: Summer Cookout by Studio Flergs and Kristin Cronin-Barrow

Sweet Rewards

Traditional Bingo: To earn a 20% discount, you'll need to scrap 5 challenges in a row in any direction. The center space may be used to choose another challenge of your choice from the card for a total of 5 layouts...

Pattern Bingo: To earn a 30% discount, you'll need to scrap 9 layouts in one of the following patterns again using the center space to choose a challenge of your choice from elsewhere on the card.

Alternatively, you can scrap any two horizontal or vertical lines, or a combination of one of each, to earn your pattern bingo discount!
Please Note: The rules for the center space still apply!

Blackout: To earn a 40% discount and be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to the shoppe, you'll need to get blackout and fill in your entire card (we'll let you have the center space free this time)...

Tracking & Earning Discounts

To track your challenges this year, click here to grab your own personal bingo card. Once you've completed a challenge, resize your layout to 160 x 160px (which fits perfectly in a bingo square) and put it on the corresponding spot of the challenge on your bingo card!

Save your completed card and post it to this thread by midnight on July 31st, 2018 and our lovely challenge fairy, Lydia, will automatically send you your Sweet Rewards of 20, 30 or 40% off depending on the pattern on your card the second full M-F of every month!

The Nitty Gritty

You must use Sweet Shoppe products for the bulk of your page. Outside templates, minor accents, etc. are perfectly ok as long as at a glance the page is obviously created with products from our shoppe and designers!

Challenges MUST remain where they appear on the card. You MAY NOT scrap 9 layouts of your choice and simply put them in the corresponding pattern to earn a discount.

Obviously due to the size of the layouts on the tracker card, it would be difficult for us to check each challenge in detail to make sure it matches with the challenge, but we know we can count on our amazing community to play by the rules.

More Sweet Stuff

As if all of this weren't sweet enough, I'm excited to share that EVERYONE who posts a bingo card in a month with at least one line complete will be entered to win their choice of a kit from this month's Featured Designers Yari or Allie! Our superstar designer Libby will choose at least 4 lucky winners at random the field of challenge participants to win these sweet treats which is just awesome!

On that note, I'm going to let you get to work!! If you have any questions, please post them in our July Challenge Bingo FAQ thread so that this tracker thread is easy to view at the end of the month!

Don't forget to keep your eyes open for our Bingo with the Babes threads for weekly challenge inspiration and the opportunity to share some of your favorite challenge layouts in more detail throughout the month! Finally, HUGE thanks to each of you who play along with us each month. We adore seeing your pages and filled bingo cards and truly hope you love playing along with us too!

Happy scrapping!


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https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...225458&cat=500Almost blackout. Posting the tereible version from ER ; I feel awful and at the moment I'm out of steam

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I will give it my best shot, last month ran away from me, what with the holiday in France and graduation of my baby... I can do it this month! I hope. My dh is receiving his Doctor's degree, and we are travelling to UK,and until then there is a house guest... but I will at least try.

Update only two lines finished properly, but I gave it my best! Sigh! summers are hard. too much fun! LOL

My love on the pages in gallery
Happy 14th birthday SweetShoppe! Hugs, zinzilah

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My spot

1. Mid Year Review: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ht-now&cat=500
2. Photography Challenge - Whole Page: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...e-page&cat=500
3. So Happy Together: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ng-zoo&cat=500
4. Piled Up - Use at Least 6 Different Photos: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...photos&cat=500
5. Frozen Treats: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...-cream&cat=500
6. Justin Font: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...enture&cat=500
7. Pay it Forward - 15 Gallery Comments:

1. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=513915
2. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=513906
3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=513957
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=514013
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=513991
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=513978
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=514039
8. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=514031
9. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=514029
10. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=514018
11. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=514063
12. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=514107
13. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=514091
14. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=514188
15. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=514199
8. Fireworks/Night Skies: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...-night&cat=500
9. Polka Dot Background: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...e=glow&cat=500
10. Cooling Down: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...lashin&cat=500
11. Make a Splash: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...splash&cat=500
12. Scrap from Corner to Corner: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...animal&cat=500
13. Participate in Scraplift Sunday on SSD Blog July 1st: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...mhouse&cat=500
14. Photostrips: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...e-pier&cat=500
15. Color Challenge - Blues: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...e=josh&cat=500
16. Paper Challenge - Circles & Squares: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...y-tree&cat=500
17. At the Movies: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...e=solo&cat=500
18. Journal Challenge - Celebrate: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ycheck&cat=500
19. Broaden Your Horizons: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...pcakes&cat=500
20. Lazy Days: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...uckers&cat=500
21. Hot! Hot! Hot!: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ts-web&cat=500
22. Scraplift - Bingo Challenge Thread: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...3756&nocache=1
23. Early Mornings/Late Nights: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...g-walk&cat=500
24. Scrap with a July Featured Designers: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...e-josh&cat=500

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Yikes- just realized I haven't claimed a spot for this month! I was hoping to get a blackout- but it's not looking like that's achievable since we're gone the last week of July... I'm shooting for the 30% off instead!!


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Thank you!

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My spot. I was hoping for my first-ever Bingo, but I'm not going to make it. Still glad I got 2 lines plus some additional layouts done!

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My spot just in time!

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Winners have been posted!

♥ Libby
My Shoppe
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Send a message via Yahoo to Lyd

Sweet Rewards codes have been sent! Check your PMs, and let me know if you have any problems! Have fun shopping!

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