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Default Rescue pup

I just adopted a pup from a local rescue group and am looking for some advice on the best way to handle things with her.

Her name is Jelly and she is a little over two years old, was a puppy mill mama until she had reproductive health issues at which point she was given to the rescue. The rescue group took care of her health and had her spayed before offering her for adoption.

I brought her home almost a week ago and have been working to earn her trust, etc. She has had very little contact with people and as a result is extremely timid.

She is incredibly smart and learned how to use the doggie door first day and is already potty trained. Her and my dog Loki, who was also a puppy mill dog, have already bonded and are doing really well together.

We did really well together too. Over the weekend she would sit on my lap and liked to sleep next to me and even gave nose kisses. But then I took her to the Vet on Monday where she got a checkup and two shots.

Ever since then, she hides from me. She will still wag her tail when I talk to her, but she does not sit on my lap or sleep in the bed. When I approach her she drops to the ground and makes herself as small and heavy as possible.

Even though I have had two other rescue pups, I have never had one take a step backward like this, so I am not sure how I should handle it.

Should I go and get her and put her on my lap or should I leave her alone and let her decide in her own time to approach me again?

I want her to know that she is welcome to sit with me, but I don't want to force her to do anything. I really want her to have a sense of free will after being confined for so long.

If anyone has experience or advice I am all ears.
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I would not go get her as that may frighten her even more. I'd probably try rewarding her with small treats to associate you with positive things (vs the vet trip - necessary but probably not pleasant). Walk up to her, give he a little treat and tell her she's a good girl and leave it at that. Work on getting her to come to you for the treat, positive feedback and let her be, and hopefully soon enough she's back to enjoying closeness with you and pets and tummy rubs will be a sufficient reward. It's a good sign she was warming to you already. Hopefully she comes back around and can start enjoying life as a beloved pet instead of a puppy factory.
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Another thing that the vet told me to do with our pups was to take them for frequent car rides- just ride along when you do errands or to the pet store to pic out a treat. That way they don't associate a car ride with a vet visit.
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I agree with others. Also, I think maybe getting down on her level. Sit on the floor with the treats and let her come to your lap. Car rides to know the ride isn't for ONLY the vet too.

Congrats on the new pup!!!

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I have zero advice as I am not a pet owner...but we are going to need some photos of this sweet new pup. I hope she warms up to you.
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I have no advice, but, like Kimberly, I do require a photo. : )

(PS If I ever get another dog, I am going to name it Loki.)
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I saw your post of Facebook and that sweet doggie is so cute. Congrats Lorie. I hope she warms up to you again.
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I am a rescuer...we rescue very traumatised dogs from breeding stations, from abuse etc. My advise to you is to 'ignore' her and don't 'force' her to do anything...eventhough you mean it very very good.
Just do the things you normally do, scrapping, watching tv, read a book.....let her get to know your rithme, rituals land habits, so she can gain some trust. She will come to you when she is ready.
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