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Thumbs up KCB - Guest Creative Team Call!

I'm keeping this short and sweet! The guests will have two months spots where they have access to all my products released during those two months.

Requirements not shown on the image:

You must have a facebook account as that is where I host my forum

Please list the current responsibilities/creative teams you are on.

This is a pretty short call! Applications need to be posted HERE in this thread by Wednesday 12 am est March 27
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This is like the eclipse of the moon - hardly ever happens. Get your applications in quick if you're interested!!
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Wow! I can't pass this up. Here goes nothing.

Gallery - http://clubcreatingkeepsakes.com/med...nt&PageIndex=1

I am available Fridays. I have Facebook. I am currently on the teams of Simple Scrapper, Libby Pritchett, and Krystal Hartley. Thanks!

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I was hoping that your FB post meant something like this. I'd LOVE to work with your designs as a guest!

This is an older layout, but it is still one of my all-time favorites:

Here is my most-used gallery:


I have FB, can scrap Friday nights, and am currently on creative teams for Melissa Bennett and Misty Cato and do blog/promo work for Little Green Frog Designs.
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Wow, what a dream call!!

Thanks for the chance to try out Kristin! So I was stuck on my favorite and all the boys in my house chose this one.

My gallery: http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/...name=tammybean

My teams: Studio Flergs, Kristin Aagard and Cluster Queen Creations (freelance)

I can meet requirements and have FB.

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I am available Friday nights.

My FB is linked in my siggy.

I am guesting for Krystal Hartley and Little Butterfly Wings through April.

I CT for Ziggle Designs, Tracie Stroud, and Amanda Heimann.

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I can't resist this chance!

Gallery: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...neverendingjen
Current teams: Nettio Designs, Sugarplum Paperie

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two pages with my favorite kit

one of my many galleries

my CTs
guesting for Krystal Hartley
Fiddle Dee Dee Designs
Megan Turnidge
Amber Shaw
Tickled Pink Studio
Scrapping with Liz
Amanda Heimann
Sugar Kissed Designs

my facebook https://www.facebook.com/christine.elizabeth.564
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yay!!!!! so excited!!!! here is my page

I can totally do a last minute page. The teams that I am on are Jady Day Studio, Julie Billingsley, Tickled Pink Studio, Tracie Stroud, Ziggle Designs and Amber Morrison Designs

My most used gallery is here at SSD I also use DSA too as well as MSA
Siggie Coming Soon

Proudly Creating For:
Amanda Yi, Becca Bonneville, Digilicious Designs, Jady Day Studio, Lliella Designs, Meghan Mullens, and Miss Fish.
I have guested for Kristin Cronin-Barrow, Traci Reed, and Krystal Hartley.

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I have to throw my hat in the ring. My dream gig and all!
This is an older layout but I think my favorite...

My SSD gallery is here. My most comprehensive gallery is probably DST as I post my CT stuff there.
I definately have FB, you can find me here.
My current responsibilities are as a Hybrid Bee at Scrap Orchard and on the personal CT of Amanda Heimann.
I am always available to scrap on Friday nights as I have no social life! LOL!
Thanks for the consideration - I am sure you will have a huge job ahead of you going through all these amazing scrapping apps!
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The dream gig!

I'm free on Fridays (just about every day actually) and have FB.
Currently CT'ing for Trixie Scraps

up-to-date galleries:

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What an amazing call...here is one of my pages using your product..

And, here is the link to my SSD gallery: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ame=carrie1977

I do do (dodo....hahaha) Facebook account so no problema there...and I have no problem scrapping on Friday nights.

My commitments are Krystal Hartley, Studio Basic and Jady Day Studio here at SSD. My guest gig with Jenn is up next week....makes me sad.
I scrap for Scrap Orchard (weekly blog post) and a few of their designers - Little Green Frog (temps), Fiddle-Dee-Dee (temps), Megan Turnidge and Lyndsay Riches. I'm also on Captivated Visions, Amy Stoffel and Sabrina Dupre's CT.

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Oh man, what a dream!

I'm free friday nights. This is my SSD gallery. I'm on Shawnas, Libbys, Krystals, Darcy's and Penny's teams. I love my SSD designers.
ETA, oh ya fb... hehehe. Yep, I can be found there, though I won't admit how often.
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Here's one of my favorites.

Creative Teams: Zoe Pearn & Sabrina Dupre (Unofficially on Lauren Grier's)

My gallery

And of course Kristin, my facebook has the most pages probably.
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*sigh* Here I go...

most complete gallery - http://scrapstacks.com/mommatrish/scraps
Yes, I can scrap on Fridays, but I do it on first come first served. *wiggles eyebrows*
Yes, I am also on Facebook.
Current Commitments - Traci Reed, Julie Billingsley, Krystal Hartley, Michelle Godin and Darcy Baldwin. I also help manage the My Scrapbook Art blog.

Pick me. Please. Pretty please. I might stoop to begging with this try.
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I haven't been on a CT in over a year (I do hang out in La's forum and scrap for her sometimes LOL), but now that I'm working Monday to Friday, 7-4..I have TIME to do stuff! So yes, I do have FB and I am available on Friday nights.

I do not have any team commitments right now, but would love a couple LOL!

Here's my current fav KCB layout:

Most complete gallery at DST:
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What an amazing call! I'm a long time fan and customer, so I have to throw my name in the hat.
One of my many favorite KCB LOs:

Gallery: DST
Creative Teams: ScrapMatters, Aprilisa Designs, Laitha's Designs, and Tinci Designs
I also use Facebook and scrapping on Fridays isn't a problem.
Thanks for considering me!
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Dream call!

Here is one of my favorite layouts with Into the Woods - I have lost count the number of times I've used this kit!


CTs: Melissa Bennett and Seatrout Scraps

I am on FB. I can scrap on Fridays (night or day).

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this LO is from 3 years ago but still one of my absolute favs!

my gallery:
my TLP gallery: (another side of me LOL)

Yes, I can scrap on Fridays
Yes, I am on Facebook.
Current Commitments - Krystal Hartley,Meghan Mullens,Studio Basic Designs, Darcy Baldwin, Allison Pennington, Pink Reptile Designs, Shawna Clingerman, Libby Pritchett, Mari Koegelenberg

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UnBELIEVEable opportunity. I. would. die.

I find that I love EVERY layout I make with a kcb kit, but here is a favorite:

My most complete gallery is right here!


I am on Facebook, and can CERTAINLY scrap for you on Friday nights. I would also scrap early mornings, late nights, or in the middle of the night for you. And twice on Saturdays.

Current commitments: I am honored to create for Libby, Mari, and Shawna (March Guest) here, Seatrout Scraps (templates), and DeepGirl Designs (occasional releases).

Thanks for this chance! Good luck to you and everyone who applies!

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Ooh, I would LOVE a chance. I am available on Fridays and can meet the other requirements. I have facebook and probably spend too much time on there, so what's a little more? I am currently on two teams, Krystal's and Libby's.

My gallery: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...sherri-tierney

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I would LOVE a chance to guest for you, Kristin!
Here's one of my favs!

and a link to my SSD gallery
but my MSA gallery has more in it.

Right now I CT for : Litabells, Meagan's Creations and Freelance for Mandy King. I have guest spots coming up for Lynne-Marie, Traci Reed and Amy Stoffel.

I am free most every night of the week. Especially Fridays! I live on FB and love to work quickly(even last minute)!

Thanks for the chance!

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this one is going to be hard to decide!! So much talent there. Here is probably my very most favorite layout I have done with a KCB kit. I love how it all blends so well and love love love this photos of my daughter who was just about a month from giving birth.

My most complete galleries are here on SSD:
SSD Gallery

and at Facebook for what I cannot post here I post all my layouts/projects on facebook:

scrapbook Layouts 2013

Scrapbook layouts 2012

Album of Gratitude 2012

ETA: I missed the listing of current CT teams and other responsiblities...I am full time on Crystal Livesay's team. Scrap wise that is my only obligation. I do have three days a week usually Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday or Thursday to babysit Austyn Bailey. Since I scrap on my laptop and can do it while she is napping that does not limit my ability to scrap for you.

Thank you so much for the oppurtunity to be on your team with this guest call Kristin. You have no idea how excited I am at the possibility of being on my dream team!!!!

Dreaming of creating for Cindy Schneider, Studio Flergs & Kristin Cronin-Barrow

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Can't pass up the chance!!
So hard to pick one fave... so I'm going to go with an older kit, but more recent lo:

My most used gallery is here:

I do have a facebook.

My only CT right now is Seatrout Scraps

I am totally free Fridays!!
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Wow, under 3 hours and almost 20 replies. Good thing this is a short call!

I would love to be your guest, too!
Here's my gallery
I am currently not on any CT's, but I do newsletters for Krystal and Shawna, so I am commited to be on my computer on Friday already. I am on facebook as well.

Here is one of my favorite layouts with one of my favorite kits!

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I would love to be a guest!!!
This is one of my all time faves!

My gallery: HERE and HERE
I CT for Sara Gleason, La Grier, Boutique Cute Doll, ChrissyW and Tickled Pink Studio
- Abish -
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Oh, this would be a whole lotta fun!

This would be my favorite page, as the kit is so special to me.

My SSD gallery is my most used and most full one:

I am currently thrilled to create for Meg Mullens, Krystal Hartley, Darcy Baldwin, Studio Basic Designs, Seatrout Scraps, Scrap Stacks and looking forward to a guest spot next month with Sugarplum Paperie.

I can do the Friday thing.

Good luck Kristin, I know you will be swamped with awesome apps. And good luck everyone who applies!
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OMG, I've been a fan for YEARS...literally! This is awesome!

I have two faves, but I think this one wins out...

Gallery: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ername=laura-a
Yes on the Facebook.
Current CT commitments are Krystal Hartley, Mari Koegelenberg, Bella Gypsy and the Digi Dares.
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I would love to be guesting for you...but then who doesn't??
It's so hard to pick just one LO!!

My complete gallery
I have FB and I am free on fridays.
I am currently creating for Cindy Schneider and Jady Day Studios and freelancing for Libby Pritchett and Kay Miller. I have a guest gig with Jenn Barrette from July to September.
Keeping my fingers crossed!!
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Oh wow definitely the chance of a lifetime so I had to jump on this too!! You have a no but might get a yes right!?

Here's my favorite layout with The Road Less Traveled because it's about my every day view out the front door

I can also do the Friday night thing; no problem! And currently I CT for MScraps, Oscraps and {scrapflower}.

My most complete gallery is here http://www.myscrapbookart.com/galler...00&ppuser=8796

Good luck to everyone - amazing layouts so far wow!! And thanks for the chance Kristin - a girl can dream!!
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I can't pass this up.

Had a hard time picking my fav LO, but I decided to go with this one

Link To Gallery
of course I have a FB....I'm addicted. And I can definitely do Fridays.
Current CTs: Julie Billingsley, Mari Koegelenberg, freelance for Libby Pritchett, guest for Meg Mullens and Guest for Sugarplum Paperie
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this is my fave ever

and a more recent one

My gallery

My commitments: CT for Traci Reed, Krystal Hartlet, and Melissa Bennett. I freelance for Libby Pritchett and River Rose

Good luck ladies, and good luck with your call, Kristin!
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There si some dang amazing competition up in this thread, but you should still totally pick me. : )
I made 2 layouts, 1 project life spread and 1 front/back PL insert with this kit. I love them all, and this page is my favorite:

My Gallery at MSA
I create for Zoe, DDE and Peppermint Creative, and Friday nights are my scrapping night. : )
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I waited too long for this call. Crossed my fingers and here is my application
My name is Ivelina in digiland I'm Damayanti.

One of my fav page with your stuff:

My biggest gallery is:
My current CT are:
Sahlin Studio
Kate Hadfield
Kaye Winiecki
Kim Jensen
Michelle Godin
Pink Reptile Designs
Lorie Davison

I have FB and I'm ready to work with your stuff for Friday
Two months on your team will be a dream come true
Good luck to everyone and to you Kristin with your call!
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Dream call!! I would love to be your guest

Here's one of my favorites

My Gallery: http://www.myscrapbookart.com/galler...r=8874&cat=500
My current CTs: Scrap Orchard, Boutique Cute Doll, K Studio, Studio 68, The Hidden Heart, Tinci Designs, River Rose, Krystal Hartley, Jady Day Studio, Ju Kneipp
I can scrap on Friday and have FB

Good luck everyone and thanks so much Kristin for this amazing opportunity
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Wow what can I say,all these ladies are incredibly talented. It's an honor just to toss my name in the hat with them. Fridays aren't an issue for me and I have facebook.

My SSD Gallery: Click me

And this Gallery shows my work with places other than SSD. You know you wanna click it.

And of course where you can find me chillin during the day. Hello Mr. Facebook

Currently I am on Penny Springmanns Team: Freelance.
Scrap stacks: 4 layouts a month plus a blog post.
Rach aka Seatrout Scraps on SBB 4 layouts a month, blog posts for GSO's and LOTM's.

Lastly but certainly not least, my favorite layout:
I had a very hard time deciding which page to show you so I went with this one purely because I just love that kid of mine! LOL
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I nearly fell off my comfy office chair when I saw this call! Your products literally make me drool...

My biggest mistake was looking through all the gorgeous applications already in.. But I definitely have to give this a shot!

I work flexible hours, and my social life isn't really up to scratch, so Fridays are a big scrapping day for me. Scrapping and Facebook'ing

My DST gallery is the most up-to-date: christellevandyk

I love my LO made with your Spring Awakening collab with Nicole (I guested for her in Feb & March)

Current CT commitments: ScrapMatters Site CT, Mel Hains, Studio4, Simply You Simply Me, Scrappy Cocoa, Two Moose, Jennifer Labre, Angelclaud ArtRoom, Seatrout {the last 2 are template designers; some designers are more active than others}
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I've been waiting forever for this opportunity... Crossing my fingers!

My fave latest layout:

My most used gallery: http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/...sername=nietis

I have Facebook account.

Currently I'm creating for these awesome designers:
Allison Pennington, Amy Stoffel, Ju Kneipp, Julie Billingsley, Krystal Hartley, Lauren Reid, Lyndsay Riches, Nettio Designs, Scrap Orchard (site) & Studio Flergs.
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a dream comes true, I would so love to be a guest for you
I have facebook of course, and friday nights are totally okay for me.
my DST Gallery: http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/...y.php?cat=5968
my SSD Gallery: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...-2acornelia-2a

and my favourite layout I did with your kits

my CTs: Ju Kneipp Designs, Mommyish Designs, Krystal Hartley, Boutique Cute Doll, The HIdden Heart, Little Butterfly Wings, Nerdy Scrappers Studio
Guest for Traci Reed in May/June
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and one I made for my nan who passed away today

my links to my facebook page, pinterest and scrapstacks is in my signature

Thanks so much for the chance and good luck to all.
open for CT spaces

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Eeeek somebody pinch me pretty please!!! Dream call for sure <3

This is my fave at the moment

And I made this yesterday with your new scoop

This is my most up to date gallery:
I have a facebook account and I'm currently creating for:
Studio Basic Designs, Krystal Hartley, Juliana Kneipp, Pink Reptile Designs, Crystal Livesay, Sara Gleason, River Rose,
Heather Joyce (fonts), Just Jaimee and I'm guesting for Traci Reed (march/april) and Sugarplum Paperie (spot ends this month) and I will be guesting for Mari in July to september

Good luck with your call and to all the ladies who have applied
Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
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This would be my dream gig!

My gallery here: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...rname=deepgirl

Some newer page:

and one older, all-time favourite:

I CT for Sugarplum Paperie and Krystal Hartley and also run my own store at www.deepgirldesign.com

I have found myself in creating photobooks (clean & pretty style) rather than individual layouts (however, I do them, too from time to time) so you can most probably expect some travel page from me or some sweet baby page, too!
(one of my photobooks won a national photobook contest for month June 2011 as a Expert Jury pick *wink * ) - see me published in their magazine! - http://www.zlacnene.sk/letak/3817/p/2/#letpg

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Sigh ... I love being at home, so I am free on Friday nights.


Erica, Ru, Libby, Heather, Melissa, Mari, Kyrstal, Penny, SS, DSA, creashens, CBS, wm[2] & SF.
CTing for : Studio Basic, Erica Zane, Melissa Bennett & Brook Magee.
Guest Cting for KCB & WendyP Designs
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Oh gosh- I could have probably put up half my gallery for this call! lol. I finally settled on this one:

I can totally do Fridays and have a Facebook account.

My most complete gallery can be found here: https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...me=marlathrall

I current CT for Seatrout Scraps and have guests with Jenn and Shawna coming up soon!

Thank you for the opportunity and good luck girls!
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Wow, how could I not apply?! The competition is fierce, how will you ever decide?!!

Current CT's are Kate Hadfield and Lyndsay Riches

My fullest gallery: http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/...lisa-mommy2two

My favorite KCB layout, it's an oldie but I adore it.
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I'm on Facebook & Friday nights is when I do a lot of my scrapping. I am on Darcy & Heather's teams.

My gallery
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What a gorgeous thread! Thank you for the opportunity! I wouldn't miss this for the world.

I am available to scrap on Friday nights and have a Facebook account.

I am not currently on any Creative Teams.

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This is very exciting! I have quite a few of your kits and so it would be a honor to be part of a temporary CT. It's hard to pick just one, but here it goes....

My most complete gallery is at DST: http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/...0&ppuser=26821

You'll find a few more layouts in there using your kits.

I am currently not on any other CT's. I am not looking to be on any CT's unless my favorite designers have a temporary call. At the moment, I am scheduled to be on Connie Prince's CT for the month of June. That is the extent of my commitment. I am a graphic design student and work as a Parts Information Illustrator and I do scrapbook each week, so how perfect it would be to make it for a Kristen's CT as well! Friday Nights are actually PERFECT because I am always available on a Friday night!! I also have a FB account and a blog, should that be helpful.
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Here is a link to my gallery:

I am a permanent CT for JustJaimee. I will be a guest for Lynne-Marie Designs for April and May.

Creating for One Story Down, The Heartistic Project and Just Jaimee.
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Default Kristin's CT call

I'm so excited about Kristin's CT call! I have digitally scrapbooked for years but haven't thought about posting them to the gallery until recently.

My gallery:

Not on any creative teams.
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