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Default April 2022 - Show Off & Shout Out!

Hey, hey Sweet Shoppers!

Welcome to this month's Show Off & Shout Out companion thread! This is your place to strut your stuff and give some love to the scrappers who inspire you each month including yourself!

Rather than incorporating leaving love into this year's challenges, we decided we'd rather give you a spot to look through the gallery, leave love on your favorite pages, show off the pages you're most proud of creating this month and shout out to scrappers whose layouts really stood out to you! Best of all, we're giving away FREE stuff to say thanks for helping make our community sweet, inspiring, and uplifting too!

Here's how it works...

Claim your spot in this thread each month and before 11:59pm EST on the last day of the month, update your post with the following info...
  • Links to 15 pages you've left love on!
  • An image of the layout you want to show off... Tell us why you're proud of creating it and why you love it so much!
  • An image of a layout from a fellow sweet shopper you want to give a shout out to... Tell us why it inspires you, and what you love about it!

That's it! Just for showing off and shouting out, you'll be entered to win a free kit or mini bundle up to $15 in value from our sweet spot because at the beginning of every month, we'll be choosing winners at random from everyone who left love, showed off their favorite pages or nominated their fellow scrappers to win!

To be clear and concise...

Leave Love on 15 pages - 1 entry for yourself
Show Off - 1 entry for yourself
Shout Out - 1 entry for the scrapper you're giving a shout out to

** Remember that Sugarbabes & SSD Designers are not eligible, so be sure your Shout Outs are for pages created by other community members. **
*Monthly winners will be drawn at random from all entries received.

That's it! We think our community members are the best in digi-land, so we hope you love our new challenges and that you find this monthly thread an uplifting and inspiring way to interact with your fellow scrapper!
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Gallery Love
1. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670916
2. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670914
3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670005
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670780
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670783
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670785
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671433
8. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671434
9. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671432
10. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671431
11. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=669082
12. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671516
13. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671491
14. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671248
15. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671376
16. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671369
17. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671517
18. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671065
19. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671063
20. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670181
21. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671167
22. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670897
23. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670900
24. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670925
25. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670923
26. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671496
27. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671462
28. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671460
29. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670565
30. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670455
31. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670166

Show off

Shout out

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Gallery Love
1 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671208
2 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671276
3 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671329
4 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671602
5 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671578
6 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671810
7 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671839
8 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671790
9 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672065
10 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673788
11 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673786
12 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673758
13 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673689
14 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673663
15 - https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673521

Show off
I have been waiting for the right page to use this template. I've loved it for so long and Sugarbabe Sarah has made a bunch of stunning pages with it. When this challenge came up, I knew I had to find a way to use it. I'm really happy with how it turned out and how I was able to work so many school elements into the large cluster on each side of the photo. And our school colors are orange and black so I was able to work that in too.

Shout out
This page just pops out of the gallery! I love the dark background and the light blue and pops of yellow - especially in that plaid paper!! The photos are so fun and happy. And the clusters are gorgeous. The whole page just makes me smile!

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Gallery Love
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Show off
I loved the way this layout came together. I love the bird and little bees and the dangling purple/yellow flowers. I especially love the green, yellow and white to go along with the pictures of my youngest fella.

Shout out
I love this layout by Carina. So creative!


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Gallery Love
1 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671332
2 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671329
3 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671285
4 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671529
5 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671396
6 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671517
7 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671516
8 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671785
9 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672034
10 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672173
11 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672261
12 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672218
13 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671902
14 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672291
15 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671915

Show off - I really like the colours scheme, how masculine this looks, and the mix of patterned papers.

Shout out - Cynthia (MrsPeel) really is a master of design, this is absolutely amazing in every way. I especially love the shape of the text, how it flows around the title, the photo, and the elements.

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SHOUT OUT: This photo jumped out at me. Love the photo and the storytelling. Also love the dirt scatter and wood background. (now to figure out how far away I am from this beautiful place so I can go check it out.)

SHOW OFF: Love it when a page comes together all on its on. Love templates for fast scrapping but when I can create freely it is pretty awesome.

Gallery Love
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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Gallery Love
1. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672542
2. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672546
3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672539
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672532
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672461
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671516
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=671553

Show off
I love the way this one turned out and this kit by Flergs is awesome to work with!

Shout out
I love this beautiful layout by AmieN1

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Gallery Love

1 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ort11b&cat=710
2 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...tort9a&cat=710
3 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672899
4 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672659
5 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=672261&title=sunset-saguaro&cat=710
6 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...y/comments.php
7 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...n-pier&cat=710
8 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...e-0322&cat=710
9 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...nature&cat=710
10 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=670671&title=new-mexico-0322&cat=710
11 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=670649
12 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674059
13 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...y/comments.php
14 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...y/comments.php
15 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=670513

Shout Out:
Kimberly27 on her stunning layout and use of photos. Love this travel page and hope to scrap lift it. Love the story that all the photos tell with all the fun papers and how well she placed her cluster. Fantastic!

Show Off:

I'm always pleased when I can incorporate something unique like a map, or an app that helps tell the story. I've been so behind getting my photos into layouts so I've begun using the Project Life App to layout then finish off in Photoshop. It's been a real time saver. Yay for that!

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Leave Love on 15 pages
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Show off
As my girls finish up their senior year, I thought it would be great to capture who they are right now before they leave the nest in the fall. A second page for Phoebe is in the works, too! It's not often I scrap them individually, so it makes the pages extra special, too!

Shout out
I love the photos on this page and it makes me feel cold looking at it - in a great way! I've never been to Alaska, but all the cool blues make me feel like I stowed away on their vacation and got to enjoy those incredible sights!

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Gallery Love
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Show off

Shout out

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Gallery Love
1. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673925
2. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673934
3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673910
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673869
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673800
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673790
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673758
8. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673722
9. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673689
10. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673629
11. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673484
12. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673456
13. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673338
14. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673288
15. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673233

Show off
I droodled over every sneak peak Traci did of this kit and couldn't wait for it to be released so I could buy it.... and now I've used it and LOVE it

Shout out
I am an avid reader so this layout really stood out for me. Love the story behind it too.

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Leave Love on 15 pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Show Off - Believe- my awesome girl! She is the hardest worker I know & isn't afraid to try hard things! So proud of her!

Shout Out- Read Aloud by Becca1976: I love the journaling, the family pic on the library card & all the book covers!

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Gallery Love
1 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674589
2 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674430
3 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674412
4 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674303
5 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674273
6 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673935
7 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673910
8 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673788
9 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673794
10 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673554
11 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673366
12 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673264
13 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673215
14 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672954
15 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672919

Show off
I am rather the type to use only one kit on my page, for this one I tried to draw in several, I like how it turned out

Shout out, love that layout by shellbyj, love the clusters and the cute photo of this adorable little boy

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Show Love:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Show off my Spooktacular Joke:

At first I had no clue what to do for this challenge, but then thought of this (very lame) Christmas cracker joke. I'm really happy the way the clusters turned out, without using a template. And although it's not really the time of year, we are halfway through Halloween. I also like how the 2 kits go toghether to give it both a spooky and glamorous feel.

Shout out to armygrl with her page Recharge1:

Love the white space in between all the elements on the sides. It looks so simple, but tells the story perfectly. Also love the stamps and the paint, the wordstrips. I just felt the stress coming of her page

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Gallery Love
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Show Off - I'm particularly pleased with how my visual triangle layout turned out. I used my favorite color combos and lots of artsy bits. I'm always challenged when it comes to creating a more artsy type page so when I do create one and I like how it turns out, it inspires me to do more of these style.

Shout Out goes out to EvelynD2 for this wonderful layout using Em's template. Her elements are so beautifully tucked in and her clustering is gorgeous.

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me here
I wanted to go out and change the world....but couldn't get a babysitter.

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I love this by AmieN1 - such a fabulous use of the template and her words are so honest. I love the colours too, kinda muted, suiting the way she feels right now.

I'm going with this one, where I combined my love of BOTH of this month's featured designers. It's such a busy layout, because of all the gorgeous papers, but I really wanted the kit to shine, because I love it so much. The light burst just made the whole thing pop!

Gallery Love
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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Gallery Love
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Show off
I'm going with this one - I've always wanted to do something like this, and this option was perfect for it.

Shout out
This one by dotcomkari . Love the photo, all the layering - just stood out in the gallery for me

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Leave Love on 15 pages
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Show off
I guess I'll go with this one. I love the colors and the artsy background.

Shout out
I love this one from Lisa! A really cool photo and perfectly scrapped!

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Leave Love on 15 pages
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Show Off
This template was a special request to Cindy, and she totally rocked it. I love the colors that I was able to combine from Flergs' kits too. It just all came together for me.

Shout Out
This one by HeatherH is just adorable! I love all those bunnies and the wonderful mix of non-pastel colors. Awesome egg shape too!


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Links to 15 pages you've left love on!
1. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673025
2. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673015
3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673017
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673007
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672448
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672994
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672999
8. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672973
9. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673098
10. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673090
11. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673101
12. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673623
13. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673791
14. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673738
15. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673713

An image of the layout you want to show off... Tell us why you're proud of creating it and why you love it so much!
Right now I love this one because it highlights my son on his first night of rugby practice. I wasn't a huge fan of him wanting to play but after talking to him and the coach, I consented and I was so proud of how much effort he put into it. He'd had an unfortunate break that caused him to stop swimming competitively so it was great to see him out doing a sport again and showing off at home just a bit!

An image of a layout from a fellow sweet shopper you want to give a shout out to... Tell us why it inspires you, and what you love about it!
I love this amazing and beautiful one photo layout!!

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Gallery Love

1. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672291
2. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672328
3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672309
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672369
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672373
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672371
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673048
8. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673097
9. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673178
10. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673190
11. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...earted&cat=712
12. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ns-002&cat=712
13. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673195
14. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673215
15. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673210

Show off
As my middle child's freshman year coming to an end soon, this page has a sentimental value. It seems like yesterday when we helped her move to her dorm and here we are with the school year finishing in a few weeks. So proud of her then and even prouder she accomplished so much during this very challenging first year in college.

Shout out
I picked this page by keepscrappin. I struggle with clean and simple pages so I really admire those who can rock this style.


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Leave Love on 15 pages
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Show Off

Shout Out
Thuria - and the fantastic texture and dimension in this layout!

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1 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...livery&cat=500
2 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...piness&cat=500
3 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...-daddy&cat=500
4 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...-world&cat=500
5 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...e-finn&cat=500
6 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...livery&cat=500
7 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...out-me&cat=500
8 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...-faves&cat=500
9 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...-faves&cat=500
10 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...-faves&cat=500
11 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ickens&cat=694
12 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...d-1110&cat=500
13 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...a-0322&cat=500
14 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...022722&cat=500
15 https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...e2314b&cat=500

Show Off
I'm more of a white background kinda scrapper but this one I really love those bold colors. It just makes me happy.

Shout Out
I'm such a fan of Jenny's layouts. That dark background paired with the plaid is gorgeous. Her daughters are so cute and photogenic. The title is perfect. The clusters are amazing and those cute little animal doodles are perfect.

Signature made with Siggified 3 by Laura Wilkerson

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Shout Out

This page by Angels makes my heart sing! Never mind the adorable photo, the colours and pure joy are lovely! The black and white photo is a perfect choice, the clusters are amazing and the wordarts couldn't be better. I love every single thing about this!

Show Off

I had so much fun making this and remembering what a fun time I had with my practical joke. I bought the kit because we are going to Universal Studios and one of the things I am most excited about is visiting Minion Land. Can you tell I love minions? And the glitter paper, the elements everything I used for this page, as well as having an opportunity to use it before our trip made me so happy!

Leaving love.

3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...y042012web.jpg
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...layNo2-pd2.jpg
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...MeAtoZ_web.jpg
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...dbykaren-1.jpg
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ns-Why-not.jpg
8. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...llenges-9b.jpg
9. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...llenges-3a.jpg
10. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...fur-babies.jpg
11. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com/gallery/data/500/mr-cool.jpg
12. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=234150
13. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674303
14. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674331
15. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=672861

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15


I keep going back to look at this page. It's one of those pages that evokes such strong emotion and feeling. It's beautiful, balanced, moody, and meaningful. It's truly a work of art and it inspires me to scrap meaningful and emotional pages <3


Most of my fave moments are traveling and road tripping with this guy... and I love documenting those carefree feelings!

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I left some love on these pages:
1. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...easter&cat=500
2. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...rcross&cat=500
3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ground&cat=500
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...k-left&cat=500
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...e-left&cat=500
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674690
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...y-2016&cat=500
8. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...orever&cat=500
9. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...-peach&cat=500
10. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673065
11. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...ignano&cat=500
13. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...family&cat=500
14. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674689
16. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674630
17. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674591
18. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674486
19. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674471

This is the page I am sharing that I made. For years, as much as possible, I hid from the camera. I was unhappy with how much weight I had gained. This year I started a diet group at my church and started my journey to eating better. So far, I have lost 43 pounds. Since then, I have even taken some selfies.

This is my gallery inspiration selection. It was hard to just pick one! I love the white space layout and how she used paint and graffiti behind her photos. I love her subtle use of accents around her gorgeous photos.
"Growing Up" by Pachimac

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Leave Love
1. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674664
2. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674603
3. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674592
4. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674577
5. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674430
6. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674432
7. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674443
8. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674218
9. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674174
10. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674061
11. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674303
12. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673971
13. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=673935
14. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674654
15. https://www.sweetshoppecommunity.com...p?photo=674383

Show Off - I think this was my favorite layout of the month. I don't use triangles often, but it turned out great. Even though it looks simple, it took me quite awhile trying different options for the right kit and colors to compliment the photo.

Shout Out - I went with this layout by Dady this month. I think it definitely shows a picture is worth a thousand words. The blend of the large photo is amazing, and the color choice compliments the photos perfectly.

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