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Default One Little Word Halfway Check-in!

How is everyone doing with their 2016 One Little Word?! We're now halfway through the year!

In case you have no idea what I'm talking abt: OLW

Has anyone made anything cool with their word? Done anything cool because their word prompted them to?

Has anyone completely forgotten that they picked a word in the first place?!
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I'm one who forgot what my word was... Even looking at the thread you started back in January about One Little Word...I didn't pick one yet...


So - now I have to search the galleries and see what I did... I know I did a page... Oh - my word was mindful... yeah, I don't think I did that... I should have picked up on Organize or Lighten... that I'm focused on right now...
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I did several LOs about it and since I just started a Bullet Journal I made sure I had a page about it. It's LIGHT and I love LOVE love it!

ETA... BTW, my latest page, for the Weightlifting challenge (how ironic, right?), is about it!

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I totally forgot about it and didn't pick one
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My OLW was Reduce. I was hoping to reduce stress, the amount of time I spend on work stuff during non-work hours, my weight, and the pressure I put on myself. (I can be a perfectionist and never know when to call something good enough and move on.)

Right now it's summer and I don't work summers, so it's going wonderfully, LOL! I used alphabet stickers to put my word on the week marker in my planner, so I see it every day as I decide how to spend my time. That's been helping--usually by this time in the year I don't even remember my word. My results have been mixed, but I'm hoping that some things I set up during the first half of the year will make it easier to keep making progress once school (work) is back in session.

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My word is choose and so far it's going ok. I'm a little behind at the prompts in Ali's class, but I'm making myself notes so I can catch up later in the year.

We're heading into a big transition next week (DH just retired from the USAF, so we're taking a month-long trip, moving halfway across the country, and praying he finds a job when we get there). I'm choosing to look at this as an adventure and not freak out about all the uncertainty... Wish me luck!
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