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Default Strangest Job Interviews?

I was driving from my kids' school to my parents' house (not a route I regularly take) and drove by somewhere I had interviewed several years ago.

It was definitely one of the strangest interviews I've ever had. The two men I interviewed with spent most of their time telling me how hard it was to work there: long hours, demanding clients, short turn-around times for deadlines, etc. Ummm... okay. I couldn't figure out if they just didn't like me (but then why have me come in to interview?) or if that happened spontaneously without them realizing how they were coming across.

Another strange interview I had was with a man taking over a local business. I had a half hour phone interview with him where he did 90% of the talking & then a 45-minute in-person interview with him where he, again, did 90% of the talking. He literally asked me 2 questions during my in-person interview. After telling me at the end of my second interview that he'd let me know his decision in the next 24 hours.... 2 weeks later, he sent me a 4 sentence (!) rejection email saying that I had too much creative experience (obviously evident on my resume!) and not enough technical experience.

Anyone else have any funny/weird/strange interview stories to share??

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I haven't been on many job interviews, and don't have any good stories.
Yours are so funny, LeeAndra! I can't wait to read more!!
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Hmmm? I'll have to think about this one. I can barely remember any so maybe that means they weren't too strange?! lol

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I've not had very many strange interviews. I'm so terrible at them, I'm sure they talk about me!

Too funny that after all you went through they said that about you!! What a bunch of great stories!
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I've used the tactic of your first interview many times. Not because I didn't like the candidates, but because I didn't want someone to take my position just to get a paycheck and I felt obligated to convey it was going to be tough. I'd much rather have someone realize that my role isn't a good fit before extending an offer. My guess is that they'd had a string of people who didn't like the work environment and quit and they were trying to avoid that. I never wanted someone to tell me they thought they'd been mislead or that there wasn't full transparency about what the role entailed.

I haven't any weird interviews, but I've certainly interviewed lots of strange people, lol.
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I had one interview that stands out in my memory that was odd. For the dental field- we usually do a working interview after a meet/greet type of interview. Really it's to evaluate how a person fits in with the team & to see their patient care first hand. I did a working interview at an office that was SILENT. NO one talked- no staff or patients. The doctor would only talk to one assistant & no one else. We had to relay info to her- it was so strange & weird. The entire vibe was off... The dr never even introduced herself to me or anything. I'm happy to have dodged that bullet!
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My first professional job interview was my senior year of college for a big accounting firm. I had to drive 30 minutes to get their office. My car broke down on the way and I had to walk 5 minutes in the rain in a suit, nylons & heels to get to a phone to tell them I would late for their all day interview. By the time I got there, I was 2 hours late, looked horrific and had no confidence. Didn't get the job. However, 2 months later, one of the partners happened to know & be talking to my parents & asked if I had gotten a job yet. They said I had not. He had me come in for another interview - got the job this time =) Definitely a God thing ...
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OMGosh, I had one like that! It was a stupid long interview...mostly what he did was go on and on and on and mansplain the job to me. Asked me maybe 2 or 3 questions and weeks later sent me a rejection email.

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hmm... no odd interviews, haven't had many since been home for the last 12 years... I do remember when I was interviewing for my full time position - it was pretty much a given I would be hired since I was coming off internship, I had already been in discussions with my boss about rearranging my last semester's classes so I could graduate in December (I was a double major and just had to drop one)... my boss's manager was old school - not believing girls should be in computers - also he worked with my uncle and knew him really well (it's not what you know )... and I remember him just staring at me for like five minutes... awkward... afterwards, my boss told me that Mike didn't want to hire me because I didn't like to program... I was interviewing for a training position - no programming needed, heck, most people on the training team didn't even have a computer background... but if you needed an archeologist to dig through your yard and then a landscape architect to put it back together again - we had people with those degrees.
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Honestly, I've only had like 2 interviews in my life. My other jobs I've walked in to put in an application and walked out with a job. Its probably a small town thing.

When I first started with the school district I was offered a job at a PTO meeting. I thought she was suggesting I apply but she was saying if I wanted it, the job was mine. I was on the job for over a month when the superintendent came in and handed me an application to fill out. She said she knew it was backwards but that they needed an application on file.

When I moved from that position into the one I have now, it was, again, strange. The person who was leaving the position was transferring to a different building. He said "want my job?". I laughed. He said "no, seriously, want my job?". That was that. This is my 7th year doing what used to be his job.
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My weirdest experience in an interview was for a start up tech company that thought they were all big shots...I thought the interview was going well when suddenly the big wig guy I was interviewing with stopped mid-sentence and said "You know you can relax right?!"
I was so flustered and taken back. I could only respond "Ok....."
He went on "You're sitting there ramrod straight and are so tense. Really, lean back, get comfortable, relax."

"Ahh, well I think my ballet instructors would be proud actually. All my years of dance have trained me to sit up straight and maintain my posture. I can assure you, I am comfortable. I am relaxed. Slouching in my chair will make me very uncomfortable."

I should have realized then that this guy & I would never get along.
I took the job.
He made daily comments about my posture lol yep, sorry folks I actually sit up straight in a chair while I type at a computer. Shocking!
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