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Default Bear Paw boots -HELP!!

So my teenage daughter spilled nail polish on her bear paw boots and then proceeded to paint over the nail polish with brown paint in a panic because she didn't want to tell us....anyone else have a mishap like this? I tried just washing them with dish soap and cold water and a soft brush ...but she waited until the paint was dry to tell me....Help! These boots were not only expensive, but they also aren't even a year old! Ahhh, the joys of teenagers....from what I looked up online non-acetone nail polish remover would have gotten the polish out...but then the paint on top of it I just don't know!
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Ack! I'd say paint thinner , but that probably wouldn't be good for the boots themselves. This must be frustrating! Maybe you could try rubbing alcohol, but that might make a mess? Or maybe, if you get the actual "stuff" off the boots, then you could dye them so the color matches whatever color the nail polish is? Hopefully there is an easy fix. If not, this sounds like a life lesson for her.
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Where did you buy them? Did you buy them in an actual shoe shop? Maybe you can ask the shop what they recommend you do?

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I remember when my DD's "friend" wrote on her UGGs with sharpie. Aaah! I had suede protected them, so I could scrub off most of it. Did you protect them first? I would try the polish remover but maybe on the heel first to see if it ruins the color.
Maybe someone at a dry cleaner would be able to help with suede. They've seen it all!
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