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Default Anyone doing WW?

I want to lose my COVID weight gain this winter and decided to (re) join WW after about a 10 yr break. I joined on the wkend and am doing the purple plan as it fits with my plant based diet.

Anyone else? What color plan are you doing? I'm curious to hear what others have to say about WW.
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I am doing WW. I am on the blue plan. I have lost 16lbs so far but there was 2 Disney trips, a spring break trip, 2 week road trip and a family funeral in another state. I love weight watchers because it has taught me to eat healthier. I know what I can and can't eat to loose weight. I used to count calories and I would starve all day just to eat a high calorie dessert that evening. Now I know I can eat a lot of healthy good for me foods and still eat a dessert or go on a date with hubby without stressing about it.
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I was from early 2020 until spring 2021. I was on Purple and liked it a lot. I tried Green, but I was always hungry on it and didn't lose any faster than on Purple. (I never tried Blue because I mostly eat a vegetarian diet with seafood once or twice a month. Blue didn't give me enough 0 point options.) I'm a slow loser, and after about a year on it I wasn't losing anymore and couldn't seem to shake things up enough to restart my weight loss. I left to try calorie counting, but it didn't help. I'll probably end up going back to Purple at some point, but there are too many other things going on right now for me to focus on it and be successful. I still eat mostly Purple-friendly foods, just too much of some of them right now!
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I've done it a lot over the years. Usually 6 months was the longest I'd last.

This last time I did it for over 3 years, and I was down just over 50 lbs. However, I lost most of my weight in the first 8 months. After that, I'd loose and gain the same 5-10 lbs over and over again.

I'm still down about 38 lbs from my all time heaviest weight, and I'll always be thankful to WW for the healthy habits it taught me, (I even found a new job because of WW, I'm a community nutrition instructor now) but in August I decided it was time to take a break. My mental health was suffering, maybe I'm burnt out on the entire system, IDK. I started counting calories and I'm learning to count macros. I still would love to loose 20 more pounds, could loose another 40-45 lbs to have in that healthy BMI, but I'm being honest with myself, I don't think I'll ever be that thin again. We'll see.

I lost the majority of my weight on the blue plan, but it wasn't blue then, I forget what was called, it was right before they did this swap.

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I joined around the time COVID happened here last year so while I am doing it, it hasn't been super consistent yet. In saying that I have lost about 50 pounds in about 18 months with no exercise and slightly more focus on my food. I started out on blue thinking that would work better with my PCOS and intolerances but actually found the last few months on purple better. I may go back to blue over summer when I don't want as many carbohydrate options as zero points but at this point I think I'll stay with purple.

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