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Default Storage/backups

I know there are sites where you can pull your photos in from Facebook to print off but are there ones that you can store them?
I have thousands of older pics on FB hidden to just me so it acts like another failsafe backup but I've heard a couple of stories lately of accounts being hacked and deleted or content deleted which worried me so was wondering if I could pull the photos from FB to a storage site or something? There's photos from the past 8years or so in nice tidy little albums so it's easier to just pull the from FB rather than upload them to a storage site myself. We plan on doing a full online backup at some point, I've heard Amazon is good for that.
Thanks for any ideas
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I'm not sure Facebook is the best storage since I was thinking the original resolution won't be there? I have been adding my photos to thislife.com. It has an awesome facial recognition software so you can find photos of certain people. You can create albums (or stories) in there too. They have unlimited free storage and will automatically back up photos from your phone when you have wifi. The only drawback is you can only download one photo at a time on the free plan. They are the original resolution though. Thislife will also import your photos that are on Facebook for you. It's part of Shutterfly.

Google photos is cool too. It has unlimited storage if you don't mind a smaller resolution that they say is still excellent for print quality. (Not sure about this). But they also will back up your photos from your phone automatically.

Amazon Prime members get unlimited photo storage. I haven't used it that much. But that was one of the main reasons I paid for the membership. lol
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I have put a few photos on Amazon (I have Prime, so suppose I ought to use the photo storage to get more bang for my membership fee!), just never taken time to put many more on ... I haven't heard of thislife.com - but will check it out!!
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Generally speaking, your FB pictures are not high enough of resolution to print nicely. You can print them, but they won't look great a lot of the time.

It would be better to find online storage where you could upload full resolution photos.

I use Flickr to back up all my layouts and photos (not my digi supplies) and have for years. As a free member, you now get 1 T of space.

I also have a second EHD where I back up layouts, photos, and digi supplies (in addition to my first/working EHD).
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